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  by Leo_Ames
I think thats the correct title of this little film done about the Chessie steam specials of the late 1970s. I've always wondered what the music was that was used in it, and if there was a way to get a copy of it. Does anyone know? I've searched several times online over the years and have never found the answers I was looking for.

Thanks if anyone could help.
  by toytrnmen
did you ever find out the name of the song from the video?? i would like to know also.. Bob
  by Leo_Ames
Bumped this since I happened to check my post history and wondered if I had missed a response. I haven't had any luck, but there's hope.

Someone on YouTube claims to own a vinyl record of the music that was released back then then, and is going to digitize it and post it to YouTube. Hopefully when he does, he'll also post relevant details from the artwork and label.

If he ever follows through (He's gone dark lately and isn't responding), I'll bump this again.