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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Pat Fahey
Hi All
I would like to know, IF the B&A roundhouse is still standing in Athol, Mass. The roundhouse was located north of the B&M Athol, train station.
When I last saw the roundhouse, it was in pretty sad condition, but still standing and was not leaning at all. Any photos showing her in her present state would be appreciated, Thank You, Pat.
  by jaymac
GEarth still shows it in a 09-12-2017 flyover at 42° 35' 20.40" N / 72° 14 '06.39" W. Dunno what mighta happened in the intervening 2+ years.
  by CarterB
Still shows on Bing Maps and Acme Mapper as well.
  by trainsinmaine
I drove up to the roundhouse a few years ago. It's not difficult to get to, but I had to get directions. Once there, however, I found that it was fenced in and surrounded by all kinds of junk metal (I can't recall what). Apparently someone, at least at that time, was using it for storage. The building looked pretty sound, but one could say that it has seen better days.

You really can get a much better look at it from a distance, standing off Harrison Street along the north side of the Pan Am Southern main. Check Google Maps.
  by arthur d.
Hopefully not too O.T., does anyone know where the station in South Athol is? Last I heard it was a private residence. Is it still standing?
  by trainsinmaine
The easiest way to find the South Athol depot (which is indeed a house) is to take U.S. 202 to Route 122 and then take Meacham Road right into South Athol village. If you head up Meacham for a half-mile or so, Swazey Road comes in from the left at a sharp angle. The old B&A roadbed parallels it and crosses Meacham southwest-to-northeast at the point where the two roads meet. You can't miss it. Rice Road is the second right after the crossing.
  by arthur d.
Thank you to all!
  by arthur d.
Getting back to the engine house, or at least its general vicinity, I wonder if GRS/ PAR is aware they've left a piece of MOW equipment there to decay and become one with the earth. Namely, a rubber tired swing loader. Being of a particular mindset, it would be a fun restoration project.