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  by diesel boy
I'll be spending some time around the downtown part of Williamsport, and University Park...any suggestions?

Thanks much!

  by nittany4
i can't speak for williamsport (although i have seen some serious rail there from the highways)

but, being a psu alum, there isn't much evidence left of rail service in state college

the former station still stands, just off north atherton st. right before the golf course
but no rails are in sight

here's a note on it from this website


State College - The Bellefonte Central built the brick State College station on North Atherton Street in 1930 to replace a wooden structure a short distance to the east on the Penn State campus. A mixed train from Bellefonte served the station until March 1946. However, occasional passenger specials were operated, including one for President Dwight Eisenhower in 1953. Freight service ended in July 1974 when the BFC abandoned its track to State College. By that time, however, the station had already been leased by local government as a bus terminal, a function that continues today.

there's an industrial spur along 26 on the way into town from the east

other than that, just go to the skellar for a beer!


  by metman499
The Lycoming Valley Railroad has its shop and HQ in Williamsport. They have a few green and yellow EMD switchers that look really sharp as well as some larger EMDs. The yard is in an industrial park area on the west side of town, accessed off the highway. Sorry I can't be more specific as to exit numbers and the like but I haven't been there in a few years. This road is part of the North Shore system. http://www.nshr.com/LVRR/facilities.shtml http://www.northeast.railfan.net/northshore.html

  by diesel boy
Thanks all for your replys'...
  by 2nd trick op
From State College, you're within 25 miles of the NS' ex-PRR main. Just take Penna 26 South to Pine Grove Mills, then continue west on Penna 45. After about 15 more miles, the highway forks; bear left, towards Spruce Creek and go about 5 miles further (passing Indian Caverns). You'll cross a small bridge and pass unde the main with some tight turns.

Climbing the hill on the other side of the underpass, you can see the Spruce Creek Tunnels. SPRUCE tower protected a 3-tracks-into-two bottleneck here until 1984. Back in my undergrad days, I couldn't have asked for more than this place.
  by Missyg24
Live in Linden (just b4 you get to Williamsport)
I work behind a part of the yard in "Newberry" Williamsport area.
Lyco Valley, North Shore yard is busy from what i seen, NS runs trains into there i've seen also.
South side (South Williamsport) is busy now a days with the Buffalo Line. Reach Road exit off US220 is the yard area.
If you want more info id be sure glad to help you.