• Any Xbox video gamers and/or Xbox Live gamers on here?

  • General discussion of computer gaming and railroad simulations. Topics include MS Train Simulator (MSTS), Auran Trainz, Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Dispatcher and more...
General discussion of computer gaming and railroad simulations. Topics include MS Train Simulator (MSTS), Auran Trainz, Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Dispatcher and more...

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  by NTG
Just curious if anyone on these forums plays online games via the Xbox console and the Xbox Live service? If so, feel free to chime in and maybe we can hook up and get some Halo 2, Mechassault 2, or some Counter-Strike gaming in together..... w00t! :P


PS. Didn't see a forum for Console gaming, only PC gaming so I hope it is ok to post this in here. :-D

  by Mr Met
are there any train games for Xbox gamecube PS2 or even PS3 when it comes out. Thiat would be nice having a game like train sim for XBOX

To bad I don't have XbOX though

  by CRail
nice save by mr. met, NTG forgot the first word in the url was railroad.

There arent any train games that I know of, but there may be a one or two hidden out there. I dont think the demand would be high enough for a videogame system, at least not like it is for the PC.

  by steamboy
I just finished the Xbox versions of Halo 2 and Max Payne. I don't play online as I don't want to be totally done in by the younger players (under age 57!).

As far as a train simulator for the Xbox, I would think that it would have to be really scaled down to accomodate the storage capacity of the "box". MS Train Simulator is a huge program on the PC. I may be completely off-base on this, though.

The graphics on Halo 2 were sure nice!


  by NTG
Crail, is this topic not allowed on this website/forum? Where else would it go? I don't think I understand what you mean by, "nice save by mr. met, NTG forgot the first word in the url was railroad." This is the only forum I saw that looked like it was for posting topics regarding video-gaming, am I mistaken? Should I have posted this in an "off-topic" forum or something? Be sure and fill me in first chance you get. Thanks.

Steamboy, Halo 2 was in fact a great game as was Max Payne. Playing online is great also, just have to play with mature gamers and stay away from the basement dwelling immature kids/big kids with no life...lol. If you do that, your online experience should be fine. If you ever decide to try it, be sure and let me know and we'll hook up for some Halo 2. About the Train Sim game for PC, that would be awesome for the Xbox. I doubt storage capacity would be an issue considering the Xbox comes with a 10 gig built in hard drive with only 2 of that being reserved for the operating system. The other 8 gig is free to be used (as music cd copying space, game/system and downloaded content saves etc.) by individual games, so maybe someday soon a developer like MS will bring a Train Sim over from PC or something. Better yet, maybe they will build one from the ground up for the Xbox.

The way it sets right now, I don't know of any Train games I can think of for Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube. I do know however that some of the more mature games for the consoles sure make a great way to pass any downtime one may have at home or away. :wink: Cya


  by AEM7AC920
This is suppose to be for topics that relate to railroad discussion for example this is the computer and Gaming simulations so this thread should be for MSTS, Trainz, BVE etc... or any other train game. There are plenty other gamer webpages that host discussions just like this one around the web. I'm sure if you do some searching on goggle or so you will find some sites that host chats.
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  by Otto Vondrak
It's OK, NTG- we weren't specific enough in the guidelines. This is a railroad topic web site, and this forum in particular is for railroad-related computer games and simulations. The Forum Guidelines have been modified to better reflect that. No console railroad games I know about. If Rockstar decides they want to release Grand Theft Railroad, I'm all over it.

  by sandpvrr
Otto and All,
What if Rockstar released a 1970s version of Grand Theft Railroad they could call it....
Wait for it....
Oh, I do crack myself up!
cya, Joey

  by Mike Roque
Otto Vondrak wrote:No console railroad games I know about.
There is a PS2 game called Densya de Go (Go by Train, IIRC), a Japanese game by Taito. I think it was a console version of an arcade game that was only released in Japan. The idea was to run a subway train on a schedule for points/time.

Search the web...I'm sure you can find something. Sometimes is written Densha de Go...

  by METRAMAN132
I would be RAZORHOUSE!