• Any deliveries to Morristown Lumber?

  • Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by Don Maxton
A few weeks ago, a railroad construction crew was working on John Street, resurfacing the road where the tracks cross over to the Morristown Lumber siding. It looked like they were getting ready to accept delivery by rail again. Has anyone been there recently?

  by cjvrr

I am unsure of what happened. The old rail in the street had been bent pretty badly and the County or Railroad cut a few feet of it out. That happened a year or more ago.

Morristown Lumber owns the siding because they did not want to let us pave over the spur when John Street was turned over to Morris County a few years ago.

The spur north of John Street has been used for railroad equipment storage for many years but could be moved if service is restored to the lumber company.

If I hear anything I will let you know.

  by RS115
I took a ride by here today. The crossing has indeed been repaired and the missing piece of rail replaced. Rails are exposed except for one very short section on one rail on the side walk side which looked more like someone dropped some asphalt than anything intentional. 2 minutes with a shovel and it would be good to go.

There is still track equipment stored in the siding but I have seen the mechanical dept trucks there at times so I think all or most of it runs and could be moved quickly. There's room for about 1 car inside the fence and that's with very tight clearance to get the gates closed. Be interesting to see if they start using rail again - I remember the occassional car in there when I was a kid but that's getting to be a long time ago.

  by joe k
The rails did / still extend into both buildings and across the driveway into the large storage building near Ridgedale Ave.
I would rather go to M.L. than Home Depot, easier to get in and out and better quality of lumber (plus the people working there know what they are doing)....prices are about the same.
I think there was a run-around track there years ago too just east of the M.L. switch?

  by RS115
Rails beyond that mentioned in my earlier post were not readily visible - if they're still there they're buried/paved over. Nearest run-around is west on the other side of Ridgedale Avenue. That run-around was installed in the late 70's early 80's with money from the sale of the portion of Morristown yard that is now Staples etc.. It is sized to be just slightly longer than 4 CNJ coaches - the size of the steam excursion train the railroad was operating at the time. It also permitted the excursion to be run-around on flat ground versus the more exciting former method of tieing the train down on the 4% grade into Morristown yard which was a big challenge for the high-drivered #148 especially if the rails were a bit slippery.

  by Angus202
RS115 is correct about that, the rail extends beyond the fence for just over a car length, the remainder that led into the barn is only pavement. There is absolutely no way anything can get across the road right now, the asphalt was filled in right up the railhead - zero room for flanges to track the rail. Not impossible to cut some out, but if they had intentions of using the spur again, it would have been worlds easier to leave flange ways from the start.