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Discussion related to Baldwin Locomotive Works, Lima Locomotive Works, Lima-Hamilton Corporation, and Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton.

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  by Allen Hazen
My guess is that the conversion was done by the railroad (or an independent contractor) and not the original manufacturer, which would make this unusual locomotive a "Lima" only in the sense that the various gen-set switchers built on the frames and with the trucks and traction motors of retired EMD and GE units can be called "EMD" or "GE" locomotives. But, since this forum hasn't been very active of late… The Northeast Railfan website has a new image (it's on their "new" list as of 14.iii.2014, but I hope the U.R.L. is its permanent one) of a Canadian Forest Products "Shay" diesel:

http://www.northeast.railfan.net/images/cfp98.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Looks as if it has one engine, in a hood replacing the boiler. (The cab is in the centre, but I think the apparent "rear hood" is the original fuel and water bunker: I think many locomotives on logging railroads were equipped for fire-fighting, so maybe the idea of a water tank on a diesel isn't THAT odd.) The conversion seems to be neatly done (or maybe it just looks good because the photo was taken when the paint was still fresh?).

If someone knows more abut diesel conversions of Shay locomotives… I'd love to know some details!

(((Fans of EMD export locomotives will remember the GA-8: the engine/generator set of an SW-8 powering two body-mounted traction motors which then connected to the axles (which were in what looked like freight-car trucks) in some flexible manner: I think chain-drive, though there may have been cardan shafts. In principle, this is the same idea, but with the mechanical linkage to the driving wheels being through a Shay's drive-shafts and universal joints rather than a chain-drive. It's a pity Lima didn't stay in the locomotive business a bit longer: we might have seen some very interesting export types!)))
  by Allen Hazen
Now I'm not sure what the "rear hood" was. Here's another photo of the same locomotive from an angle that shows it:
http://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/node/14263" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
There is what looks like an exhaust stack behind the cab, but there was only one engine, in the front hood.

There is a list at
http://www.gearedsteam.com/converted.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
listing five diesel conversions of Shays (and one unsuccessful attempt at a diesel conversion). The unit in the picture apparently had a 400hp Cummins engine, and has, alas, been scrapped.
  by Allen Hazen
(Just for comparison… Bengt's post opening this
http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... =6&t=78873" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
string on the EMD forum links to a drawing and an article describing EMD's GA-8. It dates from the late 1950s (contemporary with the SD-24, introduced in 1959), so the engine is actually that used on the SW-900 rather than the SW-8. … And the drive is entirely by cardan shafts with universal joints, so actually very similar in principle (though, since the shafts are midline rather than on the right side, not appearance) to a Shay!)