• 3 Alcos + 76 Cars + Switching MA&N (video)

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern ran a 76-car train up its Lyons Falls branch on Friday, April 24th. Behind Alcos Nos. 2453, 2456 & 805 were 4 bulkhead flats (consigned to 3B Timber, Boonville), a covered hopper (consigned to Bailey's Boonville Mill) and 71 tank cars to be stored north of Boonville.

This video covers the big train heading up Remsen Hill:


The next video features switching activity in Boonville, including on Bailey's Mill gravity dump trestle siding:


A few screenshots:
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MA&N's Alcos are featured here on July 8th:

1) northbound on the Utica-Lyons Falls line on Remsen Hill (Prospect) and crossing East Steuben Rd, Steuben (note the unusual crossing protection);

2) shoving across Thomas Rd, Denley; and

3) having picked up 90 storage cars approx 1 mile north of Denley, southbound through Denley:

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Great videos thanks for taking the time to share these!
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The first storage car move of 2021 occurred yesterday, March 31st. Four locomotives brought 82 tank cars and 7 other cars north out of Utica. Here's a video showing a few highlights from yesterday's big freight:

  by Benjamin Maggi
The green bulkhead cars on the front look brand new!
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MA&N's April 8th storage car run on the Utica-Lyons Falls line, the second of the year, together with a look at an abandoned Black River Canal lock close to the railroad are presented here:
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Views of MA&N's June 2nd storage car train in Remsen and of Remsen Depot grounds are featured here (the ATSF diner & PRR caboose arrived here within the past few weeks):

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This video features an unusual-looking train: 2 engines up front (Nos. 2042 & 2453), 10 empty pole cars (for a customer in Boonville) and No. 2456 bringing up the rear (to simplify switching the customer); video made on July 27th with scenes in Holland Patent, Trenton, Remsen and Steuben.

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MA&N 2042 & 2456 together with Adirondack RR 1835 are featured here powering a 41-car train (including 26 gons containing ties for the big ADK RR work project) up Remsen Hill yesterday morning:

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Don't know if you have mentioned in any of your posts that Remsen was the meeting place of the St. Lawrence Division line out of Utica with the Adirondack Division line out of Herkimer. They were adjacent from the Remsen Station to SNOW.

Oddly, the Adirondack Division was HQ'd off its trackage at Utica while the St. Lawrence Division HQ was at Watertown.
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This video shows MA&N activity from Dec 22nd, specifically the Utica-Boonville job and includes scenes:

1. on Remsen Hill;

2. around Phillips Rd, Boonville;

3. switching Bailey's Mill, Boonville;

4. switching 3B Timber, Boonville;

5. southbound at Dean Rd, Boonville (with 13 loaded lumber racks containing telephone poles); and

6. southbound through Remsen.


A few screenshots
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