• Who has seen unpatched Southern Pacific units lately?

  • Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.
Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.

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  by John_Perkowski
Sunday night, working North from Leavenworth, KS, on point of a manifest, was a COTTON BELT unit with UP road number plate.

I couldn't see her trucks, but I think she was an old fashioned hooded GP.

  by chuckmitchell
I saw one....A Dash-9 #166 last summer.....looking really good

  by uhaul
The last Espee -9 was patched back in 04 or 05. The last Espee SD70M was repainted in early 05. I hope you shot SP 166 full of pictures because it was patched to UP 6169 on 15 Sep 2006. :(

  by The S.P. Caboose
One place to see photos of the espee unpatched units is at http://sptco.proboards107.com and granted they're from 20 years ago, but still a nice walk down memory lane.

  by Peace_Maker
I saw SP 275 as the second unit on a coal train in Wyoming, I have no clue what kind of engine it was.

  by emd_SD_60

  by ShortLiner
I get alot of the patched espee and drg power comin into the yard i work at. a couple of ssw units to. get alot of foamers sneackin in to get picks. almost ran one over the other day. one snuck in the other night and painted over the up badge on an old ssw power and replaced it with the red nose ssw badge. wasnt a half bad job either.

  by doepack
Saw an unpatched SP GE AC4400CW unit 309 on an eastbound coal drag on the Geneva Sub through Wheaton IL today. Been quite sometime since I've seen one; that's got to be among the last holdouts...

  by ZephyrHogHead
Saw the 144 last Friday in Sparks, Nevada on a West bound Grain Train.
  by doepack
GE Unit #343 on a eastbound coal drag today, first one I've seen in months...
  by JBnWaverly
SB unit coal train at Ault, Colo on Thursday 12/03/09 powered by two ex-SP AC's. Lead unit was unpatched #307 (or possibly 607?) Apologies for lack of info or pics, but bad timing for (a usually lightly travelled highway) traffic, and time, prevented a better look. I am sure it was unpatched though, white SP style numbers on cab. UP coal trains on this line mirror the overwhelming train numbers on nearby BNSF out of Powder River Basin. On UP through here, most NB's are loads and SB's are empties. Unsure of origination/destination of these trainsets, anyone have information?