• Who has seen unpatched Southern Pacific units lately?

  • Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.
Discussion about the Union Pacific operations past and present. Official site can be found here: UPRR.COM.

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  by emd_SD_60
Well I had the good fortune catching one today:


Good to see a EMD once in a while, besides the occasional AC4400 on a coal drag... sweet. :wink:

Which brings up another thing... on the cab side under the numbers, in small print, read "El Paso" (you can just barely see it). By any chance is that where the loco is based?

  by emd_SD_60
And while I am at it, I wonder if this would count also (it's now lettered for NREX):


  by kevikens
See my posting on the Pennsylvania Railfan forum under "Espeei n Philly"

  by Amtrak31
Great catch, Chris! I hear there's a lot of unpatched SP's left, mostly AC44's. That's a good thing that there's a lot left. :-)

  by emd_SD_60
Did any one notice the grafitti on the intake blower? Ayyyyyy! :( As much as I see it on cars, but on a locomotive?

  by The S.P. Caboose
Nice catch!! Thanks for sharing a photo of the unit with us. The name of the town, in this case El Paso, is where Southern Pacific had the unit located as its home port. The SP 8586 would work out of El Paso, Texas.

I live in the Los Angeles area and we still have several unpatched Southern Pacific units around here. The yard in West Colton is about 55 - 60 miles east of where Taylor yard in Los Angeles was. Metrolink now uses Taylor Yard for its coach yard and diesel facility. West Colton is close enough to be considered local and yes SP units come and go from there. :-)

  by BlockLine_4111
Isn't West Colton not far from Redlands and perhaps off the 10 freeway?
IIRC a BIG yard there when i visited Redlands some time ago. :wink:

  by The S.P. Caboose
West Colton yard is 11.5 miles west of Redlands. The West Colton yard is along I10 between Sierra Avenue and Pepper Avenue.

  by espee
The very last unpatched Rio Grande GP40-2 #3100 was in Denver a couple of weeks ago. It was behind unpatched SP GP40-2 #7954. Hard to believe there are still older unpatched units out there.

  by Milwaukee_F40C
I saw unpatched SP AC4400CW #164 as the second unit on a loaded coal train heading east into Chicago on Monday. Passed it on an eastbound Metra train, then waited for it at Geneva with my camera, but it was getting too dark before it came through so I didn't get a picture. Disappointing but that's railfanning sometimes. :(

  by slchub
Nice shots! Also nice to see that the crews like to toss the blue trash bag, numerous water bottles and cardboard box which holds water out the unit onto the ground.

  by mikesummer
I see them everyday and it makes me cringe because they've all got those rotten Microphor toilets in them. God, I hate those things. I wish when we merged with the SP we would have ripped all those rotten things out.

  by emd_SD_60