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  by Head-end View
I did some subway sightseeing today. Staked out the platforms at W.4th St. (both levels) and 34th St. (6th Ave. and B'way lines). Saw R-160's exclusively on the E and one on the F. The only trains I saw older than R-44's were the R-32's still running the C-line. Ironic because 30 years ago I think the R-1-9's served their last days on that line too.

Having now seen several generations of NYC subway cars in my almost 60 years, I'm amused by how they've gone back & forth re: seating configurations on the IND/BMT Divisions. The pre-1956 cars (R-1 thru 16) had mixed transverse seating. Then in the late 1950's and 60's they had mostly straight seating. (R-27 thru 42) Then in the 1970's and 80's and 90's they go back to transverse, (R-44 thru 110)) and now in the 21st Century we're back to straight seating on the R-160's. Amazing how each generation of planners switches back and forth. I personally find the transverse set-up more interesting. Does anyone know which arrangement has the higher number of seats per car, or is it the same either way?

Anyway, quite an assortment of R-32-44-46-68-160's running on all those lines. I still can't believe the R-32 has outlasted the newer R-40-42's. What a rich history of rolling stock this city has! :-D
  by Fan Railer
technically, longitudinal bench seating has the most capacity per car, but since there are no 60 foot cars with lateral bench or bucket seats, it's hard to tell, although i would think that bench seating would win out.
transverse seating in a modern day 60 foot car would be unfeasable though, considering the amount of space between doors, each individual bench would be able to seat no more than 1-2 people. current bench seating layout on the R160 has capacity of 42-44 people. my judgement with lateral seating would lower seating capacity to about 30 per car.
  by R36 Combine Coach
With the exception of the R110A, all postwar IRT cars have longitudinal seating.