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Your Favorite Photo

Post by trainfreak »

Lets see some of the shots that you have taken and consider your favorite or best photo.

Here is mine: ... x?id=26541
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Post by Joe » ... x?id=26624

This is the best photo I have of an F40 and MP36. MP36 is flying, while the F40PHM is stopped.

Edit: That was posted a while ago, and I have a new favorite now...

While not my most popular pic, I like it a lot, and that's probably the photo I remember most when I took it...
I had just taken the 261 to Rock Island, IL, and the day after I walked across the river and saw 261 leaving Davenport, Iowa. After seeing it stop at the station, I walked back to a bridge overlooking the IC&E tracks. I was quite nervous and excited as the train rounded the curve and started towards me. As soon as I had taken that shot, I turned and ran out of the path of 261's exhaust (it was a grated bridge). :-D
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Christian S.

Post by Christian S. »

My favorite photo is one I took of SRC 89 on Labor Day, 2003. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get pics on computers. When I do, I'll post it. :)

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Post by emd_SD_60 »

I have numerous pictures, but on video (I need some software to transfer the video to my computer though).
Check out my [url=]train pix[/url]!

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Post by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050 »

here is mine, out of the ones that have been put on

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My fav

Post by Miketherailfan »

Here's one of my favorites
-Mike Huhn


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Post by johnnynick »

Tough call there, but I must say I really like how this shot came out. Taken on a trip up to Vermont about a year ago.

If yer interested in a few more of my pics you can check: ... userid=299



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Mike Walsh
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The RailMan

Post by The RailMan »

Heres one of my favorites. Taken in spring 2000 at North White Plains yard, a northbound M3, 8024, comes through the yard. I was meeting a relative in NWP who works for MN and I brought my camera. It was one of my first attempts at railroad photography, and though it isn't as glamorous and I'm sure most of you could find faults in it, I like it.
P.S. Please forgive my crappy scanner :P


Post by Njt4300 »

Any one of theese would have to be my favorite Photos ( most taken on the ACL)

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