• Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Otto Vondrak
This thread is for the discussion of all topics related to railroad preservation on Long Island, including RMLI, Locomotive 39, Locomotive 35, and any other restoration projects or museum organizations.



  by GP38
Well, I can start with an infortunate occurance. The LIRR president, Mr Dermody, has said that once PD tower ceases to operate this coming weekend, the stairs will be ripped off the building within days of the closing to avoid tresspass. They do not want PD Tower. They have talked to the Village of Patchogue, and he said some Bethpage historic group, but nothing was negotiated.
The tower is safe until some time in June when they take the rest of whatever they need to take out of it, out, however, he said it WILL be knocked down if no one comes in to save it. They don't want it.
The alarm bells are going off pretty loudly right now, as loud as they were when they were about to tear down the Historic East Williston station racently. PD's days are numbered.

  by Long Island 7285
With out starting a war and respecting Otto all I will say is that We have PD, We can easilly gain aquizition of the tower as a preservation group.
PD tower is something that All 4 groups should contribute members, and resources to. You all make fun of me like a child on the other forum but The LIRR is Actually Asking for us to come in and save it. The more people we have to help the cheaper and eaiser it will be.

PD is ours, Lets save it!

Stop Harasing Me and Lets join together to save PD. Harasing me is not by any means helping PD or the LIRR.
As posted above the alarms are ringing.

  by DutchRailnut
By saving it LIRR wants the tower off their property, so unless you got some place to put it and get permission from a town to put it there it will be dumpster wood.

  by Long Island 7285
Yes they may want it off the properity, then again the proper place to save PD is in Patchouge at location.

If any one can help save it, terms would need to be made to leave it at location untill it can be moved. or the move paid for by the LIRR. which if that happens, taxpayes will complain so it's not.

If a 50/50 can be done and the group and railroad pays half for the move it's more possible.

The only reason I think PD should be moved is It's location in a neighboor hood that is not the safest and will definatly see a "new resident" or a few. if not be vandalized.

With all do respect PD should be restored and let to rest in peace at location taking what ever means possible.

  by GP38
Long Island 7285 wrote:With out starting a war and respecting Otto all I will say is that We have PD, We can easilly gain aquizition of the tower as a preservation group.

Stop Harasing Me and Lets join together to save PD. Harasing me is not by any means helping PD or the LIRR.
As posted above the alarms are ringing.
With all due respect, I have no idea who you are, and wasn't trying to start anything with anyone. This is the information I heard from Pres. Dermody at a NRHS-LIST meeting that they were planning to demolish it. I have no idea who you are or what you are talking about, so certainly wasn't trying to harass you!
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  by DutchRailnut
Not may but for sure , they want it off property, but nobody has money to move it and nobody has property to put it, LIRR can donate it but is prohibited to spend public money on moving it.

  by GP38
And by the way, how is South Ocean Avenue and Division St, where PD Tower located "not safe"? I don't find that a bad neighborhood at all!? It's perhaps not the "prettiest", but certainly not a "bad" or dangerous neighborhood either.

  by jayrmli
OK...Here's the challenge for those who post here about railroad artifacts (and large and expensive ones at that) that need to be saved.

Who is going to take the leadership role here to form a real committee that will be responsible to raise sufficient funds, talk to politicians, find land for the tower and arrange a move to the new location. Let's not forget the costs of reassembling the building and restoring it to a conditon that makes it worthy of being preserved in the first place.

And don't throw other organization's names around volunteering them for this role. It's a neat trick to volunteer them for things they currently don't have the resources for, and then complain that they don't do anything.

Those who scream loudly to see this preserved should be the first one to open their wallets. Let's see who writes the first check.


  by Long Island 7285
Jay, had I hit Mega Millions , I would have been the first to open my wallet, but as it stands the wallet is literally empty, I can help with my hand and do the restoration work. PD towers background is in its own reason for its preservation by the county of Suffolk. And yes with tax payers money. With the billions collected from all tax payers it would cost maybe $.50 per person. To save PD tower at location and maybe $1.00 per Suffolk resident to move PD.

Why volunteer the 4 local rail groups. Those are the groups that are here on long island that are interested in this railroad at the most. Those are the people that want to see this RR succeed while keeping is historical charm.

Really, the cost to move PD or to do what I feel is best preserve at location would cost less then $1.00 per person of Suffolk tax money. Their our only help through them PD can be given proper historical status and recognition .

With help starting here on this forum we can save PD from those “up stairs” who can get the paper pushing to those like me who can help with swinging a hammer and doing PD’s restoration the tower can be saved and saved at location.

It’s not only about the money’ it’s about preserving what we have today for out future to see and enjoy what we were able to enjoy in operation. That is why things are saved and that is why if the right people are contacted PD can be saved and yes with some help from the very people in which PD power helped move on the east end for the last 94 years. Every one owes PD something as PD is the tower that controlled the east end. And the trains they all rode out there.

  by jayrmli
So as I thought, it looks like you don't want to put your money where your mouth is. You are, however, more than willing to let Joe Taxpayer foot the bill. And if the project fails, it's an easy out for you...just blame the government and probably throw some blame around for the historical societies for not doing enough.

Here's another question for you. Let's say one (or more) of the current preservation groups was willing to work with you on preserving the tower. Which one of their programs or projects that they are currently working on should they cut? The money has to come from somewhere. I'm curious where you should think it should come from.

And let's not use the cop out either that the tower should remain where it is. If the railroad has no use for it (which they don't anymore), it becomes a liability for them. It shouldn't be expected that they should just assume the liability because some deem the structure historic.

The fact of the matter is this. If someone (or a group of individuals) wished for this tower to be preserved, the wheels should have been in motion a few years ago when the tower's usefulness was in question. Anything now is really too little too late.

By the way, there was a thread here awhile ago about saving Locust Tower. What ever came of that???


  by Dave Keller

LOCUST tower was beautifully restored to what appears to me to be original condition, down to nice pickets for the stair rail!

A first class, outstanding renovation/restoration project!!!


  by jayrmli
My point with Locust Tower was that a few months ago some posted here that the tower was abandoned and ready for demolition. None of which apparently was true.

  by fordhamroad
-according to Jason Noe, "Canada" in Railpace Magazine, May 2006 p. 40, the following ex-LIRR equipment is offered for sale:

-FA cab control unit 616
-ex-LIRR coaches 2709 - 2722 - 2841

by Trains Touristiques Chaudiere- Appalaches based in Quebec. Failed tourist train operation.


  by Long Island 7285
Jay, I over heard talk that the tower was abandoned and I took shots of it prior to its restoration. I did not know untill after that long argument that It was infact being restored.
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