How close do you live to the tracks?

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Post by stevo »

lol what line do you live on?

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Post by drumz0rz »

Port Jefferson in Diesel territory.


Post by stevo » grandparents are on the main line between mineola and merrilon ave.

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Post by Amtrak7 »

I am in the LIRR 'cavity' Both the KO and PJ lines (and DIVIDE) are <5 miles from home. I hear horns from the New South Rd. and South Oyster Bay Rd. crossing all the time.


Post by stevo »

nice...i've been fanning at divide. it's a fun place.

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Post by Pablo M 201 »

I live close to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail. I have the West Side Avenue line running at the end of my block, which is about a half block from me. The station that is better accessible to me is Liberty State Park. I love that I live relatively close to this great system. The service is definately nice to have over the bus service I get in my area.


Post by stevo »

nice! i rode the HBLR system last august, it was a nice ride. i've been all over the new york city transit system as well.


Post by bapou »

I used to live in South Orange NJ, and Mountain Station was basically my back yard, about 60 feet from the house.

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Re: How close do you live to the tracks?

Post by atsf sp »

I live a 2 minute walk from MBTA Green B-Line, 10 minute walk from the MBTA Green C-Line, and 15 from the D-Line. Also I am about 2 miles from CSX Beacon Park, and Grand Junction.
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Re: How close do you live to the tracks?

Post by Darien Red Sox »

It is about a 5 to 10 min walk to the New Haven line though. Most activity in the morning or evenign comute. Some frate servace at late night. Not mutch in the mid afternoon though. I do take the train everymorning to school.


Re: How close do you live to the tracks?

Post by SRC90 »

I live 2 miles away from the NS Delmarva Secondary.

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Re: How close do you live to the tracks?

Post by inch53 »

We live a short ¼ off the CSX Indy-St Louis between CP-98 and CP-99. I can watch trains from my train room window, when there isn’t any corn outback like this year.

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Re: How close do you live to the tracks?

Post by KAWASAKI-FAN100 »

I live right behind Fern Rock car yards and Fern rock Regional rail station.

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Re: How close do you live to the tracks?

Post by iceman977th »

Closest line I think is the Lexington Industrial track up in Catlettsburg, about 2 or 3 miles away, with the Big Sandy Subdivision (CSX) a close second, about 6 miles east.

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Re: How close do you live to the tracks?

Post by SEPTAR3kid »

I'm about a half a mile from the SEPTA R3 line, 4 miles from the CSX philly sub and the NEC. And then about 8 miles from the Keystone Corridor. Plus a quarter mile from SEPTA 101 trolley if that counts.

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