Problem w/ "Search This Forum" & "Search This Topic"

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Problem w/ "Search This Forum" & "Search This Topic"

Post by MEC407 »

I'm having a problem with the "Search This Forum" and "Search This Topic" features. "Search This Forum" is found on the index pages of each individual forum, and "Search This Topic" is found on individual topic pages.

The way these features normally work is as follows: if I want to confine my search to one particular forum, I would use "Search This Forum." If I wanted to confine my search to one particular thread, I would use "Search This Topic." This allows users to get faster, more-specific search results than using the basic "Search" field at the very top of the page, which searches ALL forums and ALL threads on the entire site.

Unfortunately, ever since the site upgrade a couple of weeks ago, the "Search This Forum" and "Search This Topic" features are now searching the entire site. This makes searching for topics, or searching for items in an individual thread, much more difficult.

For example, let's say I'm in the Pan Am forum and I want to search for threads relating to PAR's heritage locomotives. I type "heritage" into the "Search This Forum" field. Before the upgrade, it would have brought up search results ONLY from the Pan Am forum, which made it very quick and useful for finding what I was looking for. Now, it brings up search results from ALL the forums... which means I'd have to wade through hundreds of pages of posts about NS heritage units, Amtrak heritage units, UP heritage units, etc... making it nearly impossible for me to find what I'm looking for.

Another example: let's saying I'm viewing Greg's " Upgrade at Midnight" thread and I want to look for posts related to email. I type "email" into the "Search This Topic" field. Normally it would have brought up posts only from that thread, but now it brings up every post on the entire site that contains the word "email."
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Re: Problem w/ "Search This Forum" & "Search This Topic"

Post by gprimr1 »

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Re: Problem w/ "Search This Forum" & "Search This Topic"

Post by ThirdRail7 »

gprimr1 wrote:Noted.

This problem still persists.

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