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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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I don't think it was for any of that. Infact, I was actually right about 3907 and 3908 the first time. 3909 is the ninth car that arrived in July.
Type 9 3903 has been accepted
MBTA Type 9 #3920 is the 10th car and is in testing according to the newtrains.today tracker.
  by Type 7 3684
I don't think 3920 is here yet, sometimes the numbers on the trackers can be a little bit screwy. I've seen 34xx numbers on the tracker for example. It also seems pretty unlikely that 3920 would be here this early. Additionally, NETransit still says that only 3900-3905 and 3907-3909 have been delivered.
  by The EGE
3400 numbers, I believe, happen when AVI (location / switch control) units from the Boeings have been reused on other LRVs without adjusting the number they report.
Well this is not a 3400 number, it's a type 9 (3900s).
Type 9 3905 has been accepted for revenue service.
  by jwhite07
Speaking of tracker oddities, right now I see 3686-3920-3664 on the B Line... (!). Can't attach a screenshot as I have no image hosting capability at present.
  by Type 7 3684
I've seen the number 3920 showing up with 3664 on the tracker on multiple occasions now.
  by StefanW
I've asked the MBTA real-time-data group about the weird vehicle IDs. If I remember correct, they said it's simply a bad read from the AVI. Usually it disappears at the next AVI pickup site. I think they said they had considered some sort of logic that would "throw out" a bad ID number (like 34XX or a trainline combination of 36XX with 39XX which is physically impossible) but they decided it was better for now to keep wacky IDs so that they can locate and perhaps diagnose AVI sites that are flaky. (I hope I'm remembering that correct. It was a while ago.)
3903 is running as a two-car train with 3902. 3900 has been running as a two-car train with 3904.
  by Type 7 3684
3900 and 3904 were sitting in the Reservoir yard last weekend.
Type 7 3684, I have something to reply to what you said when I mentioned about 3920, sometimes the NETransit Inventory Roster Page doesn't update that a particular vehicle from the Type 9 fleet. They would post it days after. For example, in April, it showed that 3904 and 3905 arrived in March 2019, but that was in April when they added that. So you see? It's the same thing with 3920. 3920 is here but Inventory page won't show that until several days after.
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