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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by mitch kennedy
Hi-I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Mitch Kennedy, and I lived a half block from the Clementon branch from birth (1956) until I got married in 1986. Moved to Maine in '88 and have worked the last past 10 years for a 200 mile regional line in northern New England (No- NOT GUILFORD!), working up to present position as Senior Freight Agent (more database administrator than railroad job...) I grew up watching the Clementon RDC made its daily passage and later rode many a CA299 around the Owens Corning plant. When Conrail came about, I rode CM90 (later WPCA-whatever) with Charlie Laird, Robbie, et al, met Al Eldridge,a living PRSL legacy when he'd show up at Tuckahoe-he's still volunteering at th Pa RR Museum in Strasburg and shows up as movement director up here at the Conway Scenic in New Hampshire for Railfan Weekend in October. I have a question for the fellow signing on as WL Avis, block operator. Was Lee Avis a relative of yours? I did the captioning for a DVD put out by a fellow from Virginia that was MAJOR PRSL mojo from the 50's all filmed by Lee Avis. Lastly, a while back someone inquired about the crew pool symbols. It was a PRR system based on divisions the crew was assigned, lasting til Conrail. Non-interdivisional freights were assigned "A" for Amboy division, CB for Camden and Burlington County, PT for Phila Term , S for Schuylkill div, B for BelDel, CA for Camden and Atlantic and WY for West Jersey ,etc.(NOT an all-inclusive list!). CM was a Rdg (ACRR) designation. Look forward to hearing from all you PRSL folk!
  by Steam man
mitch kennedy wrote: I have a question for the fellow signing on as WL Avis, block operator. Was Lee Avis a relative of yours?
First, Welcome Aboard Mitch!! Lee was my father and spent almost his entire working life with the Seashore Lines as well as being an ardent photographer of the local railroad scene in the 1950's. And thank you for a job well done on the captioning of his PRSL films.
  by M-407
Welcome aboard, Mitch! I agree with Mr. Avis - GREAT job on the captioning.