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  by jgins310
I saw a freight train pass through the journal square station last weekend heading east bound. It was quite long and looked like it was hauling trash. Where would it be heading? I though the freight track that ran parallel to the PATH train east of Journal Square was a dead end since the opening of the light rail. Any thoughts on what the train might be doing would be appreciated!
  by canfan
If you look at the google images, it appears that theres an indirect way to get to the river line through journal square, but if you look at bing it seems like the track has been removed. I wonder if the google image is newer and conrail has it activated as a backdoor to the river line...
  by jgins310
The River Line is now light rail starting in Hoboken so there is no way to run freight on that. I was thinking it would run on the remainder of the River Line, merge with the national docks line, and back up down into Bayonne or something?
  by jgins310
Turns out the Bing is newer. The Goldman building at 30 Hudson is done in bing, still under construction in google. So I guess this line has been deteriorating over time. Still begs the question of where this train was going. According to bing, the tracks turn into dirt just past Waldo Ave.
  by canfan
Yeah, I figured the river line through a pretty convoluted reversing move, it was a bit of a stretch, and as you said the track doesn't seem to be there.

Could it have been a ballast train for path?
  by TREnecNYP
The trash trains are backed into the old PRR main from either the other line going to the north, or from the freight yard across the river, allows them to be put together into one long cross country train, or made part of train that will later be sectioned off at another siding or yard. The line that goes to the north is fairly busy. That used to be part of a wye that connected the riverfront freight area to the PRR main and up to the north, northeast, northwest and beyond.

Usually they will be using dash 8's or dash 9's but you will get an evo, geep, sdm and the like here and there. Just spotted a NS SD70M-2 on that move tuesday.

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