Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Nova55
The PATH PA-1s were shipped on there wheels by Conrail to NYCH in Greenville, floated to Bush Terminal and rebuilt by NY Railcar, Pier 4, Brooklyn Army Terminal.

R42s & R44s rebuilt by MK were shipped on flatcars via SBK/NYCH.

R62s came in via NYCH. Lifted off the ship onto a carfloat and to Brooklyn to SBK. R62As came in by rail on flatcars and where floated to Brooklyn, then SBK.

R68s came in via NYCH/SBK

R32s were sent out on flatcars for rebuilt via NYCH.

Not to mention the literally hundreds of scrap cars sent to be scrapped in Greenville or Naporano, all shipped by carfloat via NYCH.

South Brooklyn had a ramp for loading/unloading flats in there yard as well as NYCH did in theres. No new cars have come in in recent years, all the ones that came in on Flats came via CP Rail to Fresh pond, where there was also a ramp. Nothing bigger then 50' can go through the NYCH/SBK interchange since it was rebuilt.
  by R36 Combine Coach
It was the R46 in 1975 that were the first cars delivered on flats rather than riding on their own wheels. The R62As did the same from Bombardier in Barre, VT (Central Vermont/CN to Palmer, MA, then Conrail west on the B&A to Selkirk and down the NYC West Shore to Jersey City).
  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
Re the World's Fair Cars. I attended Cardinal Hayes HS from 1960-64. It is situated next to what was Mott Haven Yard. On a regular basis you would see 2 10 car trainsets of World's Fair Cars on tracks closest to the HS. If they would be in Mott Haven Yard, they would have not come in via car float as the float bridges did not have a connection to the NYCRR. They in all likelihood came in via the NYCRR from St. Louis Car Company, laid over in Mott Haven to go via the Port Morris Branch to Oak Point to be interchanged with the New Haven to connect to the IRT at 180th Street. These cars were NOT on flat cars but on the railroad's tracks. Years ago this was done all the time. When I later became a railroad police officer in the late 1960's, my first assignment was the Greenville Yard in Jersey City. Every few weeks, at the back of an incoming freight there would be a string of IND cars again on the rails and not on flat cars. They would be just ahead of the Hack (caboose). Guess this wouldn't be allowed these days with all the FRA regulations.
  by R36 Combine Coach
The World's Fair 1964 R36 cars might have gone that way, but the R29s in 1962 went by carfloat. There a photo somewhere of the first delivery 3/29/62 on the East River. There's some photo I recall of an R33/R36 (and also of R17) in Sunnyside, which suggests they were floated to the LIRR's LIC carfloat dock and then went to up over Hell Gate from Sunnyside to Oak Point.

(For you curious folks, my avatar is a R36 "combine" in the 1964 turquoise two-tone colors.)
  by 3rdavenueEL
Two older PATH cars were spotted near the Pocono Mts. today. They were being trucked to Ohio for scrapping.
  by R36 Combine Coach
For many years, NYC Subway cars were sent to salavge yards in New Jersey for scrap.
  by MNR's #1 Conductor
I know the R-160s up at Kawasaki and even the PA-5 cars there are trucked in. The only cars I am sure actually go by rail there are the instances when MBTA double decks have went there, also MARC double decks, and as I understand it, when they are all here and sent to Kawasaki for modifications, the M-8s might be brought there by rail. Every time I work the Hudson Line, and check out the Kawasaki Plant, the rail spur there definitely looks like it has not been used in quite some time. The last time I ever knew of new subway cars being brought to NYCT by rail was the R-142s being brought down from Plattsburgh (Bombardier) on CP Rail (Delaware & Hudson) #416 to Fresh Pond Yard, then taken off on their own trucks, by a specially built rail-ramp onto NYAR rails, and brought down to Linden Yard from Fresh Pond using one of the SBK GEs. The SBK engines, AFAIK, are the ONLY NYCT-used engines that can be used to operate on railroad tracks outside the NYCT system (the only exception was NYCT 064, which has since been returned to NYCT from MNR, and was not allowed to operate on MNR territory beyond CP 5/MO in the Bronx) and are FRA-compliant for such. Usually, this run would be done with NYAR personnel as pilots (as the NYC operator on the SBK is not Bay Ridge Branch qualified), go down, fetch the cars, and bring them from Fresh Pond to Linden Yard. I have never heard of an NYAR engine bringing the cars down themselves.