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  by chuchubob
The charter started at the Transit Museum and went east to Euclid on the A/C, then reversed like a C train and ran to 207th like an A. It looped around the 207th Street Yard in a heavy rain, affording a view of the SMEE Train of Many Colors, as well as a to-be-reefed R32 and slant R40.
The Museum train was a five car consist, with R6 1000, R1 381, R4 401, R9 1802, and R6 1300.
The trip also included a tour of the 207th Street Shop, where the Transit Museum's Lo-V's were stored safely out of the elements.
The return trip was interrupted by an unscheduled photo op at 59th Street/Columbus Circle because of a reported "smoke condition and police activity" blocking the express track ahead. The trip subsequently resumed and terminated in Brooklyn at Jay Street/Borough Hall.
  by chuchubob
jonnhrr wrote:Does R1 #100 ever get run or does it just stay at the museum?


The three cars that were on display at the Museum on the day of the trip, 100, 484, and 1575, are frequently used on Arnine trips. R1 100 ran on the Duke Ellington train in April and on the Holiday trains last December.