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  by Lucius Ameri
At about 5:20 PM on a s/b A local, a train consisting of a lead pair of R40Ms followed by R42s was taken out of service at 103rd St. on the 8th Ave. line. The stated reason was "Brake failure" and the lack of communication between MTA employees and the public was startling. Also noted was the prior to the incident, there was EXCESSIVE screeching when slowing down at stations and pulling out.

EDIT: Sorry, the lack of communication was that the conductor only opened one door on the train and didn't make an announcement that he had opened a door & where it was. It took quite some time for everyone to realize on their own that the front of the train was now empty and that they (other passengers) had left. Does anyone know why he justed opened ONE door?
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  by arrow
I'm not following why you say there was a a lack of communication? Brake failure doesn't necessarily mean the train had no brakes and was out of control.
  by R62ACAR2151
That is correct break failues is one of the main reason in subway car breakdowns at sertain distances