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  by Darien Red Sox
It appears that there are communication problems today with the TVMs and ticket agents. When I tried to buy a ticket at Noroton Heights I got an error message, tried calling the number on the TVM gave me and got a "this number is not in servace message" then tried calling customer service which just rang and rang with no answer. When I got into Stamford to buy my ticket the computer system seemed to be taking for ever, every time the agent put in info there was a long wait for the system to go to the next screen, I finally got my ticket and the agent said she was sorry for all of the issues. Dose anyone know if Metro North is having widespread issues with there communications system today?
  by truck6018
I do not know specifically what happened as I did not work today. The phone line and TVM/TOM (ticket agent machine) issues are likely separate issues but both weather related.

If you were using a form of plastic to make your purchase there were likely issues with the server that processes these transactions as both the TVMs and TOMs are tied into the same server. As far as the phone lines, I can not say for sure but with the weather being what it is today, it wouldn't surprise me that it's to blame.
  by RearOfSignal
Yeah, the store I used to work in the same thing would happen if there was a really bad storm or wires down. The connections to the credit card companies would slow down or go out completely. Not sure if that's what happened in this case, but it is a possibility.