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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by mgdemarco
Not sure how reasonable it would be, but there is a new AC Marriot at Cleveland Circle. It overlooks the D line and the Reservoir car yard.
  by Head-end View
Troffey, thanks for the info and link to the article about the Motel 6. I had not known about all the crime and drug problems which I don't think existed there years ago when the restaurant was still open. My bet is the Town will go with the mixed-used development to gain tax revenue, though my preference would be for an additional MBTA parking deck. You can't find a space in the existing parking facility after 9AM. Luckily there are still available spaces at Quincy-Adams Station.
  by troffey
The hotel definitely seemed to be on a downward track in recent years.

Parking has been tougher since Quincy Center closed as I understand it. Garage rehabilitation has begun, and the T has recently added parking on town property alongside the dump as remediation for spots lost during the ongoing work in the garage. I believe the plan is to keep these spots available after the project is over, but I can't find any evidence to support my recollection.

Relatedly, I recall the T investigating at one point adding additional levels to the existing garage, and engineers finding that the structure was not cable of supporting vertical expansion. I can't find any evidence to support my recollection on that account either but I'm fairly sure I'm correct.
  by hs3730
There's a Best Western along the B, address is 1650 Commonwealth Ave.
The Marriott Newton is within walking distance of the Auburndale stop on the Worcester/Framingham line.
I used to stay at an Extended Stay America in Braintree and take the Rt 238 bus to Quincy Adams or Quincy Center (I think some trips skip Quincy Adams).
  by Head-end View
How is that Extended Stay America in Braintree? That's on the other side of I-93/Rt. 128 from the South Shore Mall right? It looks good from the outside. Is it a good place to stay?