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  by M1 9147
As our buddy Lamont stated to me, DM30AC 518 was testing, and now back and in full operation running tonight on the Port Jeff scoot runs in the evening. It came in as train 666 from LIC with 6 cars and 5003, and looks good. Even the horn is the same sound as the others LOL.

  by emfinite
WHOOOPIEE! Another P.O.S. is back to grace the rails of Long Island. What a shame.

  by Fla East Coast Chris
another refugee vfrom a scrapyard!!!! has returned getting louder and older as the clock ticks!!!

  by JoeLIRR
How much longer till it's OOS again? lets start the count. :wink:

  by SeldenJrFireman
i give it until september 24

  by JoeLIRR
the 24th, sounds like a deal.

the clock is ticking ........ 9 days to go. :wink:

  by Nasadowsk
Yeah,. but will it go out with a wimper, like a messed up something or another, or go out in flames like a few DMs have already.

I mean, gee, I want to get my tax dollar's worth, if it's gonna break again, it'd better break GOOD :)

  by M1 9147
518 was with 503 when both of them went out of service in Greenlawn in that shopping cart fire back in 2000. Both engines were on train 660 on each end of that 8 car train. 503 recieved the worst of damage though. I believe all of the DM's are now back in service except for 503 which is a write off, however on the MTA page due to being under warranty provisions were set for 503 to be rebuilt at Altoona as well which includes frame, and everything else. On the DE side, 416 has been out since late last year due to skin damage on the right front fender side.
  by Sean 418
Actually, The 518's first run was on the Penn Station to Speonk Train on Wednesday the 8th of September. It was fine up to PT then bottomed out and went dead. It needed to be shoved into Speonk that night.

  by Nasadowsk
Does EMD even care about their reputation as a locomotive builder anymore? Or do they figure they've got a few loyal class Is that'll buy this junk no matter what, so just ship it out?

  by scopelliti
Just curious.. what does "bottomed out" mean?

  by Scrap em All
518 working 2706 to Montauk today.
  by Pensyfan19
Well, as you predicted, 518 was taken out of service for sometime about a few months ago, but was placed back in service as a Siemens test unit with Siemens parts. Probably Siemens getting first dibs for the LIRR to order Chargers to replace the DMs.

Other than that, I am unaware of other times which 518 was taken out of service, except maybe for minor repairs sometime between now and the last post here (almost 16 years ago).

So after updating this post with recent information, and reading the previous comments on it, which one would you prefer on the LIRR: EMD DM30AC or Siemens Charger? (Both have been reported to have numerous problems, but no one's perfect)
  by Backshophoss
The dual mode Charger design has a weight problem,that might be solved by using A-1-A trucks for the Park ave viaduct(GCT)
The Dual Mode Charger will be a joint order between Amtrak,MN,ConnDOT,and LIRR.
  by photobug56
Hopefully these DM's will work a lot better than our current fleet - and that we will finally have enough DM's to provide decent service in diesel country. But it won't matter if LIRR doesn't properly maintain them.