Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by nyandw
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Perhaps folks might expound on the process: Where did you check the bags, claim them, claim lost baggage, tip the handlers?, insurance, etc.? :-)

From Brad Phillips (his collection): "...I mentioned finding a bunch of old baggage tags in the derelict Watermill depot, probably about 1962-3 when my Dad drove Dick Makse and me around the east end to explore and take photos. Well, I just came across them while doing some filing and here they are. They’re really in amazing shape seeing they were kicking around on the floor since the depot closed. My favorite is the Sag Harbor – Watermill check.

Unfortunately, no dates or dater stamps. In my days of handling baggage, the receiving station would put a dater stamp over the baggage stickers on the reverse to cancel them. My guess is that, back in the day, baggage was handled for free as part of the price of the ticket. Charging for checked baggage didn’t start until sometime in the 1950’s, I think..."

I like this one:
  by ExCon90
That's true about free checked baggage; free checking was a given on all railroads. Over time, particularly in the 1950's and after, the number of trains carrying checked baggage was reduced to the point where there was no way of handling any baggage that passengers couldn't carry themselves, but where it was available it was free.