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  by RGlueck
May I suggest RS3 #1556 might be leased to DL, the ALCO preservation specialists, in return for the restored car body of LIRR 211. The big C420's are well remembered and well loved. The RS3 is a critical piece of Dieselization history which walks hand in glove with G5s #39. After restoration to operation, DL keeps the RS3 in early LIRR colors as a concession to history. The lease continues for "X" many years, and everyone is happy. Eventually, RMLI gets their operating RS3 in return, has another historical shell locomotive, and shows the flag near Steamtown. In addition, RMLI funds can be used to repair and further restore equipment already on hand.

A few flies in the ointment: Does the 211 shell even still exist?
How far from operational is the RS3?
Would DL even be interested in the project?
Does the RMLI Board want to even approach this idea?

Last statement, and this is directed toward my colleague, Don Fisher: Please excuse an ex-Long Islander, but still a member of the faithful, for crossing into your business. I'm simply trying to work the problem. -Dick
  by n2qhvRMLI
Thanks for the shout out Dick,

Currently there is no interest in renting out the RS-3 from the Railroad Museum of Long Island.


Railroad Museum of Long Island
  by RGlueck
It is an interesting idea, Don. Perhaps worth looking over. Just a thought, and merely that.
  by Islanderh93
Instead of sending the engine off to serve a foreign road for decades, would it be possible to just pay the DL to fix it in their shops? It'd take fundraisers or some other method of getting them the money, but the DL has demonstrated they can fix a 244 block better than anyone else in the east.

I've heard many stories from neighboring roads that their mechanic has helped keep alcos running across the region; maybe 1556 can even be fixed on-site?
  by RGlueck
As nice as the dream might be, RMLI is juggling funds to get the G5s rebuilt. Unless the RS3 produced revenue for the museum, they'd be foolish to invest ahead of the G5s. My opinion. With any project of this magnitude, one thing should be done well before spreading resource too thin.
  by ConstanceR46
As of 2019, with the LIRR's current climate to excursions, getting 1556 repaired would just cost money without anything meaninful coming out of it. Unless you'd hire it to the NYA or NYNJ -of course, that's less likely than discovering a T1 in a bricked up tunnel.
  by hondajohn
What types of repairs does 1556 need? Is there internal damage or wear of some kind, or has it simply been sitting idle for too long and needs to be freshened up?
  by Crabman1130
hondajohn wrote:What types of repairs does 1556 need? Is there internal damage or wear of some kind, or has it simply been sitting idle for too long and needs to be freshened up?
I remember reading that cement was thrown in the stack
  by hondajohn
Cement in the stack?! That's extremely targeted and specific, and sounds like somebody with a grudge. Was the vandal ever caught?

I assume that the turbocharger was destroyed by the cement, but did it get as far as the valves or cylinders?
  by Ðauntless
1556 has a brand new turbo.

But there is plenty of other work it needs.