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  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by njtmnrrbuff
That's correct, Amazon won't be coming to LIC after all. However, it doesn't mean that we won't see a station in Sunnyside. They are working on bringing one. It would bring people closer to LIC.
  by Backshophoss
THAT station in the middle of Harold interlocking was deleted from the ESA project,both NYC and State didn't cave in to Amazon.
Noticed they didn't spend any $$$ on real estate,just did their" Hype and promise" dance. Never even picked a possible site, LI City was a
vague reference point. End of story. End of bad dream!
  by DogBert
Amazon did have two locations set aside - Anable basin and 1 Court Square (the soon to be vacant Citi tower). Anable basin already had development plans in the works, so we'll see if that's revived (probably). Who knows what will happen to Citi tower. Amazon already has offices in NYC where they are actively hiring. They might need the space regardless.

As for this 'sunnyside' stop - it was dumped from the ESA plan - but now congresswoman Maloney is badgering about it. I think she only made an appearance on this side of the river to show that it's actually her district, even though no one here seems to know that (or care).

The NYC EDC is still working on their Sunnyside Yards deck idea. This is probably the only project that would maybe yield a sunnyside stop in or around Harold. In a nutshell, the EDC came out with their study showing they *could* deck the yard, and build housing or offices for something like 50k people. They are now apparently getting community input via a committee. It's anyone's guess if they'll actually incorporate any of that advice. Hopefully after this fiasco they've learned a lesson. The original EDC study made next to no mention of transit or LIRR improvements, and did not mention the the LIRR stop (or the lackluster HPA/LIC rush hour one direction service). If they want a sunnyside yards deck, it'll have to include improvements, and an LIRR/Amtrak stop would be the simplest they could pull off. That and maybe add another MVM to the E/M/R Queens plaza stop (how a station that big only has two vending machines is beyond me).
  by Dump The Air
oh the poor marginalized communities of real estate brokers and landlords, they wouldn't be able to do mass upheavals of neighborhoods to sterilize them for the vaunted 'professional' class :( :(

good on NYC for telling them to kick rocks, letting such an anti-labor company into city limits could have been disastrous.