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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by SouthernRailway
Is there any way of finding out when the NS business train, with the F units and burgundy passenger cars, will be likely to be coming through a particular area (particularly around either metro Charlotte or metro NYC)?

(It's a beautiful train, from what I've seen in video, but I've never seen it in person.)

  by ckwwestshore
Well, I don't know about Charlotte, but I can almost make a solid guarantee that you won't see the NS OCS in NYC. Try just keeping an eye on these forums, and join up some area yahoo groups for railfans, and of course, the OCS Tracker Yahoo group.

  by NYS&W142Fan
Not sure if this is the place for this, but yesterday on the NS Lehigh Line, the Operation Lifesaver train went East through 3 Bridges around 10 AM. It was comprised of one engine, a wide cab and the burgundy passenger cars. I was not able to get any pictures. Does anyone know if this was a special move or part of something else?
  by K4Pacific
There should be a deadhead move of equipment today or tomorrow up the Sunbury Main then up the CP/D&H to Binghamton, then Binghamton to Saratoga to Mechanicville, to Ayer for Monday. Can someone be out on the lookout in PA?
  by K4Pacific
Well it went west out of Altoona this morning for Cleveland, thhen the Buffalo line to the Southern Tier Line over this weekend and up the D&H to Mechanicsville to Ayer for Monday. Here we go.
  by Don
Any idea if & when it'll be around Buffalo?
  by K4Pacific
By Cleveland at 16:30. I'd get out west of Bison like Wauneka soon.
  by K4Pacific
NS crew on duty for the deadhead move of OCS train. Expect to leave Bison Yard between now and 8a.(Southern Tier Line) Expect Hornell at 10a, Gang Mills at 11, Elmira 11:30, Binghamton 12:30. Quite a rain event expected. Crew Change then up the D&H in daylight this afternoon. Pictures and vids please. And OS reports as it passes.
  by K4Pacific
Scratch today's deadhead move until further notice.

However, from NS officials, OCS to depart Mechanicville Wednesday, 8/24 at 0800 with the Shippers specail to Bison in Buffalo.
  by K4Pacific
OCS has a Binghamton crew marked for tonight so it's enroute out of Buffalo. You all have fun.
  by K4Pacific
Monday: Arrive Binghamton 0200 hrs (change crews), depart Binghamton 0210
hrs, Arrive Mohawk Yard 0700 hrs.

Train consist: 4 NS F-units A-B-B-A
NS Indiana
NS Illinois
NS Carolina
NS Georgia
NS #39 power car
NS Pennsylvania
NS Maryland
NS Alabama
NS Kentucky
NS Delaware
NS Buena Vista

At Mohawk, 2 of the units (an A & B unit) and the sleepers (head 4 cars)
will be cut and staged on the Mohawk Switching Lead.

PAS crew to be ordered 0700 hrs and depart Mohawk at 0900 hrs with the
balance of the train.
Arrive Deerfield at 1300 hrs, Depart Deerfield at 1430 hrs and Arrive Ayer
at 1930 hrs.
At Ayer, the train will be wyed and Pan Am locomotive and 2 business cars
will be added to the train.

Tuesday: Depart Ayer at 0900 hrs, Arrive Mechanicville 1515 hrs for an
inspection of the work in progress on the new yeard, depart Mechanicville
1530 hrs and Arrive Mohawk at 1605 hrs.
Pan Am power and business cars to be cut and return east. NS crew to add
the 2 NS F-units and 4 sleepers to the train and tie up at Mohawk for the

Wednesday: NS crew on duty 0500 hrs, Depart Mohawk 0700 hrs and arrive
Binghamton 1155 hrs, Depart Binghamton 1250 hrs, Arrive Corning 1500 hrs,
Depart Corning 1530 hrs and Arrive Buffalo 1815 hrs .
  by mikethompsonuk82
Did this actually stick to schedule?
  by K4Pacific
Yep. Even ahead of schedule. There's a nice blog from the engineer that handled the Mechanicsville - Binghamton portion of the run .
  by K4Pacific
The Wayward Home blog.