• Croxton NJ yard--what type of work done here ??

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by JerseyShore16
drewg350 wrote:Quick update, I went to the recruiting session yesterday, Thursday, and everything went perfect. Really, it couldn't have gone better. I tested well, and the interview went great. The train master told us that this position was for "road" work, not "yard" work. "If anyone is here looking for a yard work, please leave. They are filled and we have no open positions." He went on to explain "if hired, you will be taking trains from North Jersey to Hagerstown, MD // Harrisburg, PA // Allentown, PA // and out towards Chicago on some "corridor"". He said 90% was intermodel, with a little bit of mixed freight and some tankers, but almost all intermodal. He said we would be gone around 20-25 days a month. I was clad as I preferred road work if given a choice. I'm use to being on the road 20+ days a month in my current job. Luckily, I got the call this morning at 7:30 with a conditional offer. I believe we will be going to Atlanta for training fairly soon (approx.6 weeks) from what he told us. I just have the usual physical, drug, stength test, and background check to go thru. Thanks to everyone who posted and help "jump start" my RR career. Your knowledge and experiences were invaluable to me. I don't believe I would've been offered a job on my first attempt if I wasn't so well prepared. Much appreciated !!!
Did you get a class date yet? If so how long was it after you completed your physical and background investigation?
  by jgallaway81
Part of the speed is also trying to have ACTs to get into the rotation for the training center in McDonough.

The "corridor" the guy spoke of was likely the Cresent Corridor which is NS's trade name for a route paralleling I-81 from Jersey down south. I don't know why he would have said towards Chicago.

Congrats on the conditional hiring. Good luck. Maybe I'll see you sometime when I bring a train into HCT.
  by SecaucusJunction
I don't think that Crescent Corridor is supposed to be up and running at all until late next year at the earliest. I doubt that was the corridor he was talking about.
  by PARailWiz
Possibly the Heartland Corridor, which does run to Chicago although seems to be somewhat outside of the described territory.
  by jgallaway81
There are only four "corridors" within NS perview, that I've heard or read about... the joint venture with the KCS: the Meridian Speedway; the Heartland Corridor, which NS just finished doing a serious boatload of tunnel modifications & other clearance work from Tidewater out to Chicago, bypassing the NY/NJ docks & Harrisburg completely; the Northeast Corridor: NS does do some direct freight switching on Amtrak's RoW, Its possible they may have some through freight operations from NY/NJ to say Baltimore*?; and the Crescent Corridor, which starts at the NY/NJ docks, out the Lehigh Line to Allentown, the Reading Line to Reading, the Harrisburg Line to Harrisburg, the Lurgan Branch to Hagerstown MD, and original NS trackage south from there towards Atlanta, the idea being a railroad through-route that roughly parallels I-81 and can improve transit times, reduce prices and offer greener transportation for the same move.

*The through-freight moves on the NEC is just a complete stab in the dark. I have absolutely no clue here. I only know of local moves over the Corridor.

The Heartland Corridor would be Virginia Division, and into the Dearborn Division if I'm not mistaken. NJ is the eastern terminus of the Harrisburg Division.
  by SecaucusJunction
I think NS is trying to start corridor service from NJ ports to inland locations. Harrisburg is up and running within the past year and I think Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are also on their radar, so maybe that is what he was talking about.