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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by TerryC
What is the current story on BNSF 1460 the Beep or SWBLW (as of 2005)? http://atsf.railfan.net/beep/
Where can I find more information about the firey collsion that destoyed ATSF's lone GP40?

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  by emd_SD_60
It looks like a modified GP7 with its cab moved to where the short hood was, ala SW, and it looks (externally) a lot like a Baldwin switcher. Hence the name "Beep". "B" for Baldwin, and "eep" for Geep. :wink:

Basically, if you click on the first link you posted, all the info is there in the article.

Such a shame what happened to the GP40, such a shame. You think they could have rebuilt it, but it probably was a total wreck and nothing could be done. :(

  by usa4624
I wonder if the 1460 is still running?

The last update in the article was from late 2002; more than 2 years ago.

  by splitswitch
The BNSF 1460 is still running and still in use in Topeka for whatever the carrier wants her to do. A fine example of a well oiled machine.


  by AmtrakFan
It was also used in KC.

  by Tadman
It shocks me what ancient power BNSF keeps around - when I take SW Cheif or drive thru McCook, I see 30-series EMD's, Uboats, and I hear of this beep, and SD9s... I grew up in South Bend, IN, and Conrail only ran the newest possible power thru except one local a day with at GP15-1. Yard switchers were SD40-2's with ex-RS11 slugs, and now that NS took over, we see some older and random stuff, but nothing like the motley BNSF roster.

  by Engineer James
Any recent News on her?? She still with us? BNSF, The "TRUE MODEL RAILROADERS" COMPANY. They are doing all of us a favor, holding on to it. When they retire it, there will be lines, of museums to get it.

:-D I LOVE BNSF!!!! :-D

  by GN 599
Holy cow I didnt even know we had such a locomotive on the property! What a pleasent surprise, just one more reason I am glad to be a BNSF employee. I got on our TSS (basicly BNSF's internet) and came up with a couple of tid bits of info on it. It says it was built in 1943 and re-built in 1970. I guess if you want to get technical its probably the oldest locomotive employed on a class 1 railroad. I checked out its defect history and found nothing major and nothing that hasnt been repaired. Under special remarks it said "HOLD CAPTIVE AT TOPEKA'' quite what that means I dont know. Looks like I finally found a Santa Fe locomotive I actually like! :-D I keep tabs on alot of locomotives and I will definitely add this one to my list! :-D

  by Engineer James
Good... However, did anyone notice that in the photo it seems to be missing the rear 3 axles?? its up on cinder blocks... or at least thats what it looks like....

  by U-Haul
Looks like she is on all 8 wheels to me.
  by Komachi
Okay, James...

Can you tell me how a FOUR AXLED locomotive has a truck removed that has THREE AXLES? Also, how does a locomotive with silver trucks (yeah, they're dirty, but they're silver) get a truck removed that is painted black?

It's an axle from another locomotive and/or car that is sitting on the ground (or rails) in front of the Beep. The perspective may be a little deceptive, but it's not off the Beep.

Ya need to be a tad more observent there, James.

Speaking of ancient, you should have seen the pile I had a day ago, in the form of a BN SD-9. Who woulda thought................ :-D The Amarillo local came into the yard, with an old GP-38, and a CF-7 !!!!!

  by ANDY117
The trucks in front of it look like Flexi-Coils, or older HT-C trucks.