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I railfan around Rochester, NY along CSX's Chicago Line, although I go to Buffalo whenever I get a chance (there are a few spots in Buffalo where you can see 100+ freight trains per day, so you can see why I like going the extra hour to Buffalo instead of down the road several miles). Buffalo has a nice variety of trains instead of the usual short intermodal trains with big GE's on the main by Rochester. Course, by Rochester, you still see quite a few trains (60-70 on average, 80 on a good day with lots of extras). Out in the open, intermodals run 60 MPH while all other freights run 50 MPH (Amtraks, however, run at 80 MPH). Although you can catch this at any point on the Chicago Line since those speeds are set by the state, not by the railroad from what I understand. Train lengths are also pretty good with manifests averaging 400-600 axles now (some of the longer drag freights can see in the upper 600's, although they can't do much more without having to double up due to weight and yard restrictions). Okay, I've had more than enough time on the soap box, time to step down.


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I usually trainwatch anywhere within a 1.5 hour drive of my home. This includes a wide variety of trains, including BNSF's Transcon, UP's Golden State Route, UP's Salina Sub, and UP's Marysville Sub. Plus, at Topeka, the Gaolden State, Salina, and Marysville lines all come together to head to Kansas City, making it a very busy line.


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I railfan at the end-of-the-line for the NJT Raritan Valley Line (High Bridge) when the weather is good.
I leave 5-10min. before the next train is scheduled since I have to do it by Bike :wink:

How many of these spots are not trespassing?


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Shenandoah Jct on the NS Hagerstown and CSX Cumberland Subs. I'm often on CSX's Metropolitan Sub. in Brunswick, POR, Weverton, Lander and occasionally at Frederick Jct, Doubs, and PEPCO. I got successful on W&W's line south of Hagerstown once. Crappy quality but two GP9's! Ill take anything but Catfish.

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The Southern Division of the old CNJ. Now CSX or is it Conrail shared assets.

Christian S.

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I railfan the Strasburg RR once per month, WK&S once per year, and alternate between visiting other tourist railroads nearby once per year e.g. M&H, New Hope & Ivyland, Wilmington & Western,etc.].

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CSX Pittsburgh Sub at Station Square. Features CSX, NS, and the local light rail too!
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I am in Massachusetts and 10 minutes away from the NEC in Attleboro

Attleboro is a nice station, 4 tracks, alot of passenger trains, 1 freight weekdays

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I'll be in the Westborough, Boxboro area in a couple of weeks for the Amateur Radio NE Divison convention. Any freight activity in that area on weekends that is accessible? Thanks.
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XRails wrote:When we train at the US Coast Guard Academy facilities in New London I get in some aquatic railfanning.
Where I want to go to college! Speaking of which would you know what the deal is with those tracks running through the campus? I don't think the CGA owns them...
Elberon Station...w00t!

I live at the beach...

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P&W interchanges at the CV New London yard. They come off the main at the station and go to a branch over the water then into the yard. It is right under the highway and the Northeast Corridor.
Mike L

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David Telesha wrote:Hope that is not too confusing!!
No not at all...thanks for the info.

Since this thread is railfanning...for me it's the North Jersey Coastline south of Red Bank (just NJT no freight). I have not been fortunate enough to see much activity on the old CNJ Southern Secondary with the exception of the Lumber Yard in Farmingdale.
Elberon Station...w00t!

I live at the beach...

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I go to Downers Grove, IL at Main St. along the BNSF as well as Naperville at the Amtrak Station.


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You'll find me lurking around here on the S.Tier. Either Endicott or Binghamton.


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Well for me there's a Norfolk Southern line which runs parallel to route 30 for a bit between Lancaster and Columbia I believe. It runs a little ways behind my house but I can still see and hear trains from my window. :-D Other times, I'll watch on Amtrak's Keystone Line and whenever I'm down near the Corridor for one of my travel hockey games I try to take a visit there! Plus, the first weekend in March my little bro has a hockey tournament in Altoona! So besides watching his tournament I know where I'll be most of the time! :wink: Plus, one of my friend's little bro is on that team so perhaps I can immerse my friend into railroading.

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