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  by mc367
I've been seeing the ads for the TAMR and was wondering if its worth joining? Whats it all about and is geared towards just Model Railroading or dose it include Railfanning as well? As much as I like Modeling it can be a pain in the butt sometimes, when ever you want to run the layout, the layout dosnt want to run and so on...

  by TAMR213
I'm the auditor of the TAMR as you can see in my sig). ANd it is deffinatly worth joining. I don't know where I would be today without it, I have so many great friends that I have met through the TAMR that appriciate you for what you are. Pretty much the TAMR is a group of about 115 people all across the country, plus a few in Canada. We accept members of all ages (infact, the founder is still a a member, and we were founded in 1964), except most of the members, are teenagers, or college students. We just get together, go railfaning, work on model railroads, hang out, whatever. ANd yes, it is for model railroaders, or railfans, the name can be a bit misleading. If you would like anymore info, feel free to go to www.tamr.org, or contact me.

  by ANDY117
Stupid AOL won't let me access it. Ill have to use my mom's account to do this one.

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Hey, I'm the TAMR's Northest Rep, As Erik pointed out its a great thing, you meet many people, great ones at that to share your enjoyment of the hobby as you do and your age.

We promote Model Railroading, Railfanning ect

If you'd like to talk to one of us, either email or PM us.


  by thedarkliberator
where do you guys meet?

  by Rail Liner
you must print this form and fill it out. To see main sight seach TAMR of PM me or any other members especily Eric for details.
  by thomas81z
my son just joined last week and loves the hotbox mag, he wants to write for them :-D