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  by CoastStarlight99
This July I will finally be able to atten Railcamp! I cant wait for this experience for I have read many articles in Railfan & Railroad and on RailCamp's website about what its like. Who here has been to RailCamp and can tell me what its like and what hand-on activities you get the opportunity to take part in.

For more info visit www.RailCamp.com
  by MNConductor
You'll have a great time. I went in the summer of '01 and had a blast. The National Parks Service and NRHS go out of their way to make sure its a week to remember. You go to many spots in the Steamtown shops that are off limits to the public, our class got to crawl through the firebox (unlit, thankfully) of a steam engine, and go on, under, over, and inside the locomotive to find out what makes it tick. You usually get bused one day to a big CN yard in NY state, complete with a tour. There is a big big emphasis on RR safety, not just that day but the entire week. You learn how to change brake shoes, how to replace broken coupler heads, spend a morning with Steamtown's train crews reviewing the NORAC operating rules, and in the afternoon learn radio rules and hand signals. Then, you go out to the real thing and with the conductor, make hitches, put air hoses together, and put hand brakes on.
At some point during the week the 1205th US Army Railroad Batallion comes and visits to tell you a little about their unit, and a few railroaders come and explain what its like working for a railroad. If the RR is nice enough to give me the day off, I try and visit with Charlie Albanetti, former editor of "The Teen Track" from Railpace. We are both graduates of the program and still talk to the group leaders and former campers to this day.
Hope to see ya there,

  by njtmnrrbuff
I also was apart of the 2001 camp. You will definately have fun. You will be taken to the CP rail yard in E. Binghamton. A lot of toys there. DON'T even think about separating from the group. They are very strict there. In fact, you will pretty much be in rail yards everyday in camp, but mostly in Scranton. Most of the people are polite but you might run into a few questionable ones. Have fun otherwise.

  by CoastStarlight99
sounds like a blast. So what kinds of trains will i actually get be onboard?

Seems really fun..any tips ahead of time that i could get "ahead of the gang" right now for?

  by njtmnrrbuff
You will be dealing mostly with freight. The passenger equipment you will deal with won't be amtrak. However, when I was there, an Amtrak conductor visited us and gave a talked to us about its operations and jobs. What you might want to do the night before camp is stay at the Raddison in the restored Lackawanna station there. Nice rooms and food. A word of wisdom-most people at camp will probably be into freight. A few might treat you crappy. Just be yourself.The counselers don't play around at the camp, especially the head.

  by themallard
Anyone else on this forum planning on attending this year? I'm planning on going this summer.

  by CoastStarlight99
It looks like they now have programs in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

I guess I will go to Nevada since im in California.

  by general440
What type of shoes are good to wear to railcamp?

  by ANDY117
Steel toed work boots. I know that CP requires them, and I assume Steamtown would too.

  by njtmnrrbuff
One word about CP's E. Bingo yard. DO NOT even bother to tresspass, as you have special permission as a group to enter the facility. they don't kid around there. You can get good shots of motive power there. You might see a mainline freight. You need steel boots.

  by ANDY117
He's right about the trespassing. The D&H police are very visible. Since you'll be there, the shots will be perfect. ESPECIALL in the engine shops area. Also ask to see the old DL&W roundhouse and turntable and the powerplant on the hill. (They'll know what you mean)

  by The RailMan
If you have the opportunity, you better go!

I wish I went, but due to circumstances I never had the opportunity to attend, but I really wished I had the opportunity to.