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  by B&MYoshi
I fan my local MBTA stop pretty often, but there is no freight traffic there. The only chance I really get to do freightfanning is our annual fall foliage trip to central mass and the Berkshire. But, word is, we might start doing it in the Spring too!

  by CN9634
not as often as I used to :(

  by Christian S.
Once or twice a month. :-)

  by NYSW13000
Summer-2-3 times a week
School- 2-3 times a week

  by CNJGeep
CNJGeep wrote:Summer-1-7 days
School year 0-1 dyas a week..when I'm not obsessing over Emily or doing homework

  by amoreho1
most every time i hear the horn blowing

  by stevo
on wednesday: spent most of the day at the seashore trolley museum
came home and played with HO and O trains
heard a train going by the end of the street, so i watch it
keep playing with O trains

that's not a normal day for me. the line at the end of my street isn't very busy, only a train every few days. when i visit my grandparents in new york, i watch trains as often as i can though.

  by Guilford Guy
whenever parents care to take me
if tehy dont Ill just take teh bus down to the stop and ride a train to a place with freight

  by stevo
you're lucky. even if you don't live next to the tracks, you have busses that can take you to a passenger railroad station. my best bet is hoping a train will go by sometime durin the day

well, in a few years, the T will be in nashua.

  by trevor macpherson
Summer 1-7 days
School year-when ever possible

ughhh school!!!.... :-)

  by stevo
last week i went to long island.

on the way down: 1 hour each in worcestor, new london, and new haven. when i get there, 2 hours at mineola.

next day: 1 more hour at mineola

next day: nothing.

next day: watch evening rush hour, ride the train to oyster bay and back.

next day: go into the city and ride the subway all day.

then i came home with no railfanning stops.

  by Conrail1990
Man it is very hard for me to go railfanning between school, work and family. :( But there is an upside. My grandmother has a Norfolk Southern line that goes through her back yard. :-D

  by stevo

i want a railroad line that goes through my backyard!

  by alex45
2 or 3 times a month. Usually on the weekends since the closest place I can do it is a 1/2 hour away.

  by alex45
alex45 wrote:2 or 3 times a month. Usually on the weekends since the closest place I can do it is a 1/2 hour away.
Make that every Friday now!