How often do you railfan?

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How often do you railfan?

Post by RCH022 »

How often do most of you guys go railfanning? Just wondering.


Post by AmtrakFan »

I go very often
Summer 4-5 Days a week
School Year 2-4 Days a week

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Post by AznSumtinSumtin »

Summer, 2-4
School year, 0-2

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Post by sullivan1985 »

Any free chance I get, but I don't like to post myself in one spot for hours. I'll follow a line for a certain amount of miles and stop at random hot spots along the line that are photogenic and get two or three trains then move on to the next spot. I love it. Change of scenery is something I need when I photograph.


Post by Bucyrus6150 »

Well we only have 1-2 trains running in daylight by here most of the week, so now and then I try to go and catch one of them, but Thursdays, Firdays and Saturdays are the busiest and I usually go from around 7 or 8am till noon and can usually see 3-4 trains. During school usually just Saturdays and sometimes maybe Thursday or Friday afternoon.

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Post by Joe »

Summer: 3-6 days
School: 0-2 days

Stupid school. :-D

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Post by jogden »

as often as possible, but school always proves to be a hindrance :(


Post by Amtrak31 »

Pretty much whenever I have free time. School isn't much of a factor for me since I get out at 2:30. That gives me until about seven. I'm getting carried away here about school and this is a train forum, so lets get down to business.

Summer: ALL WEEK!
School days: Could be the same story as summer, but sometimes we have some other plans.

To round it all off, I get out whenever I have the chance. :-)


Post by CoastStarlight99 »

i do not trespass, i only railfan at amtrak stations preferrably smaller ones to stay away from Amtrak police. Its tough being a railfan these days!!


Post by Bucyrus6150 »

Makes me glad I live in the country when I hear how you guys get hassled in the city.

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Post by njt/mnrrbuff »

Now that I am in school, I have to slow it down to a few times and not go so far. In college, they weigh test on you so much that it discourages you most of the time. Certain classes, I allow a little under two weeks before an exam to study. This helps just in case I need some down days. I have a little more time in college than in high school since a mainline passes right below my campus. I attend Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. I have like two exciting trips planned. One is the farewell to the cab units and me and a few friends plan to go to Portland via Amtrak. I try to look for scenic areas in addition to stations. Whenever a street runs right alongside a RR, I like that opporitunity like transit's coastline south of LB.


Post by Amtrak31 »

CoastStarlight99 wrote:Its tough being a railfan these days!!
I agree. Can't go anywhere these days without being asked by a cop "What are you doing?".


Post by AmtrakPhill629 »

I railfan in all different places of Long Island Railroad and Rarely get stopped. The best place for me to railfan is Penn Station in NYC.

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Post by CNJGeep »

Summer-1-7 days
School year 0-1 dyas a week..when I'm not obsessing over Melissa or doing homework
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Post by The RailMan »

I'll be honest I haven't been out there in awhile now, work (which my job gives me a fantastic opportunity for some busfanning) has me beat every night when I come home, but I'm up early this morning so I'm going to see if I can get any done around sunrise...

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