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  by Bucyrus6150
What are your favorite railroads and locos?

Heres mine...

Railroads: Delware & Hudson, Lehigh Valley, Penn Central, Erie Lackawanna, PRR, Norfolk Southern, Great Northern, Insular Lumber Co., Hawaiian-Philippine Co.

Engines: D&H low-nose RS11s, PRR K-4s, Insular Lumber Co's 0-6-6-0 #7, Hawaiian-Philippine Co's Baldwin 0-6-0s, Erie Lackawanna C424s

  by AEM7Fan
Railroads: Amtrak, Conrail (even though they're gone now), CSX, Norfolk Southern, SEPTA

Engines: HHP-8, F40, Genesis P40/P42, GP-38, CW units, SD units, and of course AEM7's (that one is a given :-D )

  by MetraRy
mine are all commuter railroads- Metra, NJT, Metro-North
favorite frieght railroad is BNSF though

  by AmtrakFan
Railroads Amtrak, BN, BNSF and CP.

Locomotives Amtrak P42, SD70MAC, SD40-2 and P32.

  by espee
Favorite railroad is Denver & Rio Grande Western. I like the first generation locos.

  by The RailMan
Favorite railroad: Metro-North

Favorite Locomotives: FL-9, P32 AC DM Genesis, Pullman ACMU 1100s

  by trainfreak
Railroad Present: New York Susquehanna and Western
Railroad Past: Lehigh and New England
Locmotive: B40-8 or SD45

  by Lirr168
Favorite Railroads: Long Island Railroad, Metro North, Delaware and Lackawanna

Favorite Locomotives: MP15AC, SW1001, FA1, GP38-2

  by Bucyrus6150
I cant beleive I forgot the Delaware & Lackawanna! I'll probably be going down next week to get some pictures. :-D

  by Njt4300
My favorite RailRoad is Nj Transit Favorite locomotives: Gp40Ph2-B, F40PH-2CAT, Alp44m, Arrow3

  by ANDY117
Fav railroad Erie/ NS

Fav locomotive NS D9-40C

  by Bucyrus6150
I just recently became interested in electrics so heres a few more for my list:

PRR GG1, FF2, P5, B1, New Haven EP3s, Milwaukee Road EP2 Bipolars

  by ErieLimited2914
my favorite locomotives are Erie paint job ALCO RS-3, and NJDOT U34-CH, and I also like the old GG1's and Pennsy steamers.
  by Amtrak31
Railroads: EJ&E, IAIS, BNSF, BN, SF, SP

Locomotives: SD38-2, SD70MAC, any kind of EMD Unit.


  by general440
Favorite Railroad: The Western And Atlantic Railroad from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Sadly no longer in existance.

Favorite Locomotive: the 4-4-0 class first produced in 1836, Particularly the W&A locomotive "General"( See my avatar )built by Rogers, Ketchum & Grosvenor in December of 1855