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  by stephenmorphey
I am currently using a Nikon P80. The successor i.e P90 is also available in the market currently.
  by ns3010
Up to this point, I've used my family's old HP Photosmart 720. I never really minded that it wasn't that great until today.
Today I went out to get my photo for Trains Magazine's photo contest, and wanting to get the best shot possible, I borrowed my dad's Canon PowerShot A2000IS. Man did this make me realize how crappy the old family camera is...
I've been thinking about buying my own camera for a while now, and was kinda looking around, but never really thought about what I might want. I wouldn't use it that much, so it's not worth getting anything expensive. I'm thinking about the PowerShot now, because it seems to be perfect for my needs, and within my price range.

Also, I'd normally post the photo, but I'll wait for that. Don't want anyone stealing my idea for the contest :wink:
  by Train538
As of May 26th, 2010, I use a Sony DCR-SR68 (successor to my DCR-HC62 and my TRV-30; both also Sonys).

  by Manuel S.
I use a Panasonic SDR-H280 and a Kodak Z1275.