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General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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I really need some help on this... I have applied recently for a position at BNSF for the above opening... and so far I have not heard anything the job is supposed to start on 01/07/2008.... and I have been waiting for a response... no news could mean good news right? For the longest on the application status it stated that my application was in the process of interview and testing and that an email was sent to me... I have done both of those things like almost 2 months ago... and now about 2-3 weeks ago the only thing that my application states is interview... I don't know what that means? I even sent an email to the hiring director and someone called me back stating that they did not know also what it meant... so right now I am at a loss... and just trying to figure out what my next move will be... can someone help out on it... or give me some insight...


  by thefoyboy
Well, as a 'third times a charm' conditional job offer prospective BNSF employee, you should have heard something by now. The first two times I got the 'Dear John' email usually within 3 weeks of the testing. The recent third time where I finally hit the jackpot I got an offer email within 3 days.

Granted, I cannot say whether this is so across all terminals and districts but it has been the case at the Northtown terminal in MSP. Are you sure you listed your correct email as that is what they use to contact you for everything except the setting up of the physicals and such.

  by Komachi
I hate to write up a "Dear John" -esque letter myself, but I think this would best be served in the "Employment Forum."

And it shall so be moved.

  by thefoyboy
Dear John,

I am moving away to another place where I shall not be found until I am working....you are too good for me and will find another love......(insert corny music here)
Usually I have received notification back early for the positions that I did not meet the criteria for the open position... but it has been close to 2 months from my original application date... just wanted a heads up... they do have all of my correct email info... I have applied for several positions there... I have already taken the test and passed for the conductor trainee and also did the interview the next day with the hiring manager... and was informed that if that happens that is a good sign because of the fact that the HM never usually participates in the hiring session... I guess what had me puzzled is that the fact that my application status on BNSF website... just has interview... and nothing else... one more question for you... do they usually contact you via phone... a HR rep called and had questions about the website and they saw the same thing... just the word interview listed and nothing else... so I still had some momentum that possibly they are going to contact me in regards to the physical... this is in the southern region... so I dont know if things are done a little differently... [/b]

  by mystic
i think the physical/drug test will take a couple of weeks at least to process. if you have past surgeries/illnesses, or they want a doctors note for something it could drag on for 2 months. i'm going thru that with NS right now. so... if your start date is in 10 days i'm guessing its a no go, however, maybe the start date can be changed or you could go to the the next training class/group. good luck

  by BigMike
My guess is even as slow as the RR moves that you would have at least be contacted for your physical way before now for a 01/07/08 Class date.
  by logan13az
After recently applying to BNSF for the conductor trainee position in two locations,I received two emails from BNSF a few days ago. The first (for the Tulsa,OK location) said that although I was quite qualified,I didn't meet their criteria for the position..well..it was worded similar anyway. The second (for Forsyth,MT) requested that I attend their test on the 24th of this month in Miles City,MT. Come hell or high water,I'm gonna find a way to go up there and complete everything. Oh..BTW..I live in Peoria,AZ. I currently work two jobs to take care of my Wife and 4 children.(hey,I at least have a job..right?) My question is will the accommodate me in any way..um..since I'm coming from out of town and all. Just a little history...I had 20 yrs with a major Grocery chain.I got tired of just getting by,so in October of 2007 I went to go work for Phelps-Dodge/Freeport-McMoran. I spent a year in Morenci,AZ driving a Haul Truck (a job I really loved) and I made a nice income. In November of 2008,there was a huge layoff and 1700+ of us were let go. After a short time I returned to work for my former employer (for less pay and in a different capacity) and also do merchandising for another company. This seems pretty promising since the scenarios are similar(no..I'm not getting my hopes up)I'm just wondering what I need to wear to the interview..or if there's any other suggestions by anyone on here that's been down this road.Anyhow..I think that's it for now. Thank You....