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  by heyitsme23
Hi guys, new here, I grew up around trains, my dad works for the UP here in Colorado (used to be SP, before that Rio Grande). Rode on Amtrak when I was a kid, not so much recently, but will in the next year or two. I have been on the denver light rail lines a few times as well, but just getting started on traveling by train.

Recently I was in Switzerland for a month and traveled their network, very nice. I have photos on my flickr page.

While there I rode the intercity trains to several cities including Bern, Luzern, Bern, Geneva and many smaller towns. Rode the cog railways up to Zermatt and Jung Frau as well.
  by BAM
OK, so I'm two years late commenting on your pix, but they are great! I enjoyed the Switzerland pictures, esp. the trip from Interlaken to the Jungfrau. I did that trip back in September. I hope to go back to Switzerland this summer (I have friends there that I stay with) and do some more railroading with maybe a trip to Venice by train.