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  by Komachi
Hey all,

Been on the (old) forum for a while but new to the topic.

The Green Bay & Western had a carferry opperation across Lake Michigan with the Ann Arbor railroad until one or the other abandoned the operation (can't remember which at the moment). I'm just currious to know what happened to the carferries after that, were they sold to another interest, were they scrapped, or did the Ann Arbor use them in service between "lower" Mich. and the U.P.? Just currious.
  by fglk
Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad Company in Wells, MI has 3 Railroad Car Ferrys on lake Michigan.

Ronanoke 2 (Ex City of Flint 32 '30-'70) Fleet #E-50
blt 1930 holds 30 cars length 381'6" breadth 58'3" draft 22'6"

Windsor 2 Last Operated May 1, 1994 Fleet # E-50
blt 1930 holds 28 cars length 370'5" breadth 65'0" draft 21'6"

Both barges above are laid up at Toledo, Ohio

Pere Marquette 10 Fleet #E-50
blt 1945 holds 27 cars length 400'0" breadth 53'0" draft 22'0"
Last Operated October 7, 1997 Laid up at Port Huron, MI

Info is from the Book "Know Your Ships 2003" Guide to Boats & Boatwatching Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway. Info is on page 50