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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by pdtrains
Jtgshu wrote:Chris, don't be stealing my idea!!!! :)
So maybe you could work together on a lambertville project? The biggest problem with restoration in NJ is that too many people have to be the
big cheese, and have it "their way". Cooperation, and working together is always in short supply. There are also some organizations where the
top people are getting up in years, and they don't know how to network, or work on passing the torch. At least that's how it looks from my vantage point.

I would love to help, but 3000 miles is a long commute. Still have friends in NJ, and visit several time a year.
  by greyhairedpete
Instead of creating another RR group to run to Lambertville, why not just join the Black River Trust, and donate the funds to help open the L'ville branch.
  by CTL10D
Never thought about the Lambertville portion of BR&W. I indeed too did enjoy rides on that section of the line when I was a wee lad. (I`m only 26, so I guess it actually wasn`t that long ago)
PDtrains brought up a great point about cooperation. I`ve found any endeavor, whether railroad or otherwise, goes much smoother and much more efficiently when a group of people work collaboratively. One of my reasons for little by little moving away from the "other" organization I volunteer at. Too many egos and control freaks who indeed won`t pass the torch on. At this organization, there is a solid group of 18-30yr olds who honestly do most of the work there. We all have been talking about putting our labor to work at a place where it would be more appreciated, and where we`d be able to accomplish a lot without having the "my way or the highway" people intervene. Which is why I`m even thinking about such an endeavor as starting our own operation in the first place.
Black River is a great operation, and the BRRHT has done a phenomenal job with all they dive into. Maybe something could be worked out for a plan with the Lambertville portion, whether as BRRHT members or as a separate group. If presented professionally, and with the physical labor, finances, and determination to solidly back it up, it may not be that far fetched.
I appreciate so many people chiming in on this conversation, lots of good ideas being tossed around.
  by pdtrains
Well, you've already got an introduction to the BRRHT. Wolfboy on this forum is the treasurer.
  by RailsEast
+1 for the Black River System, with your potential scenario being the BRW to Lambertville. Working with members from both sides (BRW/BDRR) very recently, I have had only professional & pleasant encounters with all levels of staff & management; 'check your egos at the door...now that you're part of the family, let's get the job done' type of attitude here. Neither Ringoes or Lambertville is right around the corner (at least an hour commute from Monmouth County), but it might be something well worth considering, if both parties can come to a mutual agreement. Personally, I would love to see this happen.....
  by ccutler
Much as I like the BRW, your little old Pennsy branch line is geographically positioned in the midst of a vast residential market where families have little to do when it isn't beach weather--which was your original idea. Moreover, there is great history to the lines in that area. I view it as market expansion, not competition.
  by Jtgshu
Chris its not as far fetched as it sounds - its just that this seems to be the wrong area and with the wrong players to be doing it in and with.....the Southern and Freehold and even the Coast Line have tremendous potential, but to deal with NJT, CR (and in turn NS/CSX) as well as the Navy with regard to Earle and the whole military with Fort Dix/McGuire/whatever its called now - you think they are going to let a brand new start up operation handle their cars? With whatever may or may not be in them....hahha

Trust me, Ive thought about it, and even tried to figure a few things out.....why couldn't I be the next RJ Corman, or the next RailAmerica or whatever short line conglomerate you can think of....but its going to be a double up hill battle on those lines you want. Maybe joining an organization adn getting involved (I have one half done, its the being involved part that isnt' easy) is a way to make more contacts and can give you the experience and then maybe point you in a right direction. I have some friends that have done the exact same thing, but I know what you want to do, and YOU want to be the Black River in this example, not a part of it!!!
  by bmwr12
It is really odd that the Joint base siding in Lakehurst was only rebuilt to take the contaminated soil out and nothing else has been delivered there ever since. A very large base like this one should be seeing plenty of rail traffic.
  by CTL10D
I`ve been flooded with emails and private messages over the last few days, a true whirlwind. Lots of ideas being discussed, and not from "armchair railroader" people either, I will say that much. Lets see where the cards fall...... -Chris