• LAST CR Freight on NJCL West of Red Bank?

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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by GSC
I couldn't post the pic in this box, so it is over there on my avatar >>>

Anyone know the date of the last CR freight on the NJCL / NY&LB? This train picked up empties from Lowy's warehouse in Neptune after delivering newsprint rolls for the Asbury Park Press. That was the end of freight service west of Red Bank, unless Builder's General in Little Silver still had service.
  by RailsEast
Hi Garry,
I see you found one of my old shots from the late '80s. There are a few more from that location here....

http://njtwom.rrpicturearchives.net/arc ... x?id=45185

I don't recall the time period when freight ended west of BANK (I was starting my business at the time and trains took a back seat to life), but something in my not-so-perfect memory tells me that Builders General in Little Silver was the last customer served. I'm sure someone here can give you a better idea.
If we could only upgrade memory in humans like we do with PCs....

  by tahawus84
Great photos Railseast!

Cant believe CR is gone seems like it was just yesterday that I was tired of all the blue paint. Now I would do almost anything to go back to those days.
  by R&DB
I'm not sure, but I think it was around 1990 that Builders General (Little Silver) made the deal with Conrail. Conrail would deliver to BG's Freehold yard and pay for part of the cost to truck it to Little Silver. A year or two later they made the same deal for BG's Toms River yard. I assume CSAO maintains the deal.
  by GooStats
When I was 4 years old (1982) I thought I remember seeing a freight train in Belmar (including a tank car). Am I remembering correctly, or is it a figment of my imagination?
At the time there were several sidings in Belmar (two that crossed Railroad Avenue), Spring Lake and Point Pleasant into various businesses.
  by GSC
Great shots, Chris. I'm not sure where that one I have came from, it's been in my pic file for years. I think someone forwarded it to me.

Tank cars were usually headed to / from Bay Head with diesel fuel. Locos were fueled there for many years. Tank trucks later shipped in fuel, and then that was stopped and fueling was done at the MMC. Lots of diesel spills in Bay Head over the years, the ground was black. One of the tank cars is at Pine Creek RR in Allaire, another went to Strasburg, not sure where the third tank car went.

Among sidings in Belmar, Sterner (now Jaeger) Lumber had two sidings. One to the lumber warehouse, crossing 11th Ave, the other crossed 13th Ave to the coal trestle. Concrete supports for the trestle are still there. The old CNJ freight house is located next to the basketball courts, moved from its original location at the freight yard, once located where the parking lot is now, between 10th and 11th Aves. I was little and my grandfather took me to see them move the freight house, around 1960 I think?

I lived across from the new AP Press on Rt 66 in Neptune and saw AG Rogers / Lowy's truck come in all day with newsprint. Not sure how they got it once the freight service ended on the NJCL.
  by JohnFromJersey
How long would freight trains typically be on the Coastline?
  by GSC
Belmar also had a third Sterner's siding. This one went to the other side of the tracks next to the school.
  by Bulkheadflat
Great photos! Did you get any close ups of those sweet Bangor & Aroostook boxes?