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  by Gilbert B Norman
Anyone holding their breath?

https://www.miamitodaynews.com/2022/09/ ... n-to-2023/

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“We will not be in downtown Miami station in November,” said David Dech, executive director of the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, running operations of Tri-Rail. “We will not be there this calendar year,” he added at the Sept. 23 board meeting.

The remarks come only one month and a half after he joined the authority, and four months after former Executive Director Steven Abrams assured the public that Tri-Rail trains would be in downtown Miami by November.

Mr. Dech said Tri-Rail trains will be in downtown Miami in 2023, although he could not provide a date since he continues to negotiate contracts with Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway and Alstom Signaling Operation LLC. “I cannot give you a date until I get those contracts signed,” he said.
And volks, what "excuse" will be "on-tap" next year? Now that the Wynwood community is becoming "upscale", and giving the "starving artists" who have called it home the boot, will they start complaining how they can't get from one side of the tracks to the other? Or will they see the "endangered species of the day" X-ing the tracks and decide that "he was here first".

After a three-year hiatus (geez, wonder why?), I'm "going down" to Miami during January. Alas, a Tri-Rail ride, as well as an "end to end" Brightline will just have to wait.
  by KTHW
https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorid ... ystem.html
Victor O. Garcia, director of public affairs for the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, which operates Tri-Rail, said vehicle testing on the tracks leading into MiamiCentral is scheduled to start on January 2023. It's a first step toward Tri-Rail finally being able to dock at the one-million-square-foot Brightline complex.

Tri-Rail was originally supposed to start operating at MiamiCentral in 2017, but train platform design defects and issues with a federally-mandated train safety system created multiple delays. Meanwhile, Brightline remains focused on the establishment of an express train connection to Orlando and building its own stations in Boca Raton and near Aventura.

In a release, David Dech, SFRTA's new executive director, said the tests are possible thanks to a signed agreement with the Florida East Coast Railway and Brightline granting permission for the test runs. Both private companies control access to the train tracks.
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