• The OBB "NightJet" Gambit

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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of North America.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
The NightJet gambit just might pay off for OBB after all.

While a 16yo kid has certainly helped the cause, there may have been method to their, what I thought, was madness by the OBB's "Oberfuhrers", and hope they enjoyed their Gruner Veiltliner while dining at Sacher in Vienna.

First, let's consider where Europe wants to go with passenger rail. That is HSR. But it seems as if the systems are all built to lead to each country's Capital. In France, they all lead to Paris, or in Italy, Rome. (Germany not quite as pronounced because of her postwar division, and the decision to locate such in "where's that" Bonn, rather than Frankfurt/Main or Munich - both in the heart of something the people wanted to forget).

But, even if occupied postwar by the "four powers" until '55, Austria's Capital was and is Vienna - and to the far East in the country. Also, Austria has an almost 400 mile (Feldkirch - Vienna) line haul within its borders, and only H(er)SR (220kmh). I doubt if true HSR is planned there.

So, with the French (SNCF) and German (DB) looking for the exits with their "Night Trains", fully compatible, and not really old, equipment was there for the "almost taking". A "cute" marketing name and some Blue paint was all they needed. With the 400 mile E-W line haul noted, most of a line such as Zurich-Vienna goes to the OBB.

So, with a some help from their "little Swedish girlfriend", maybe OBB will make that "silk purse from a sow's ear".
  by Gilbert B Norman
Couchette? Please, Mr. Benton. I'm not a college kid anymore!

The "Oberfuhrers" are marketing their product, heavy on Couchettes, to that market.

I honestly don't know if I'm ever going over again. Earliest opportunity would be '22 - when I'm 81yo.

But before the "lockdown" during Spring '20, when I booked and paid for a $3200 ORD-MUC ticket (now a United Travel Certificate good anywhere they fly through Apr '22), I did consider two nights of my six to ride Night Jet to and from Rome from Munich (park my bag at MUC). I was last in Rome during '71.

But then, the thoughts of two nights in a bunk, possibly in a shared accommodation, being "homeless in Rome" for a day, instead of my very familiar Four-Star Salzburg hotel (Pitter; lest anyone wonder), and I said "forget it".

But, my '22, assuming everything is lifted by then (I get VAX-2 this coming Wednesday Mar 3), and further assuming my Doctor will allow, my final overseas journey could be Australia, where my Niece resides in the Sydney area.
  by David Benton
Sydney, despite been Aussie,s biggest city, seems to be the least affected city by covid-19. By good luck, or good management , I don't know. Hopefully, they are open to america by 2023