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  by walterconklin
Hello, I was wondering if the Pennsylvania Rairoad operated short distance commuter trains from Baltimore and northeast Maryland to Washington Union Station. If the Pennsy did not operate trains from Baltmore to Washington, did the longer inter-city trains such as the Congressional stop in Baltimore to service the morning or evening commuter rush. In addition, I would appreciate if you could tell me what were the original station stops the Pennsy operated from New York City to Washington during the 1950s along what is now today the Northeast Corridor. Thank you for your help.

Walter Conklin
  by BaltOhio
The PRR operated a rather sparse commuter service between Baltimore and Washington, which lasted into the Conrail era, using MP-54s. I believe it finally ended in April or May 1978. If you're interested in the 1950s, there were station stops at:

Edmonson Ave., Baltimore
Frederick Rd., Baltimore
Jericho Park

And as of 1956, there were still two or three local trains between Wilmington and Baltimore, which, between them, covered these stations:

Newark, DE
Elkton, MD
North East
Havre de Grace
Harwood Park
Middle River
Biddle St., Baltimore

A station building still survives at Stemmers Run, but apparently nothing stopped there in 1956.
  by timz
Stops NY to Philadelphia in the first couple of posts at

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 7&p=479141

In the 1950s there were local trains from NY to New Brunswick (and Jersey City to New Brunswick)-- along with a few locals from NY to Trenton. Some locals ran Trenton to Philadelphia, many locals ran Philadelphia to Wilmington, and probably just a few from Phila to Baltimore and a few more from Baltimore to Washington.

In the 1950s there was maybe one local a day from NY to Philadelphia and none from NY to Washington.
  by timz
BaltOhio wrote:...at Stemmers Run, but apparently nothing stopped there in 1956.
The 10/55 timetable shows one train each way flag-stopping at Stemmers Run-- morning to Baltimore, evening from.
  by walterconklin
Hi Timz,

Thank you for providing your comprehensive list of PRR stations from Jersey City to Philly. Do you know where I can get a list of the rest of the stations from Philly to Baltimore if one exists? Thanks again for your help.

Walter Conklin
  by JimBoylan
CT-1000 is the PRR's list of stations and sidings. Various versions exist on the World Wide Web, including 1923 and 1945. Here's the home page for one site, but there are others. Some will even sell you a copy on disk.

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  by timz
Passenger stops in the 9/39 timetable-- let me know if you want later lists.

MP 6.0 (presumably 6.0 miles from end of track at Broad St)-- Darby
6.7 Academy
7.1 Sharon Hill
7.6 Folcroft
8.2 Glenolden
8.9 Norwood
9.4 Moore
10.3 Ridley Park
11.0 Crum Lynne
11.6 Baldwin
12.2 Eddystone
13.3 Chester
14.2 Lamokin St
15.3 Highland Ave
16.2 Trainer
17.0 Marcus Hook
18.4 Naaman
19.4 Claymont
21.1 Holly Oak
22.0 Bellevue
23.8 Edge Moor
26.6 Wilmington
30.4 Newport
32.8 Stanton
38.6 Newark
41.3 Iron Hill
44.7 Elkton
50.9 North East
53.5 Charlestown
56.7 Principio
58.9 Perryville
60.1 Havre-De-Grace
62.4 Oakington
63.1 Swan Creek
64.9 Aberdeen
66.6 Short Lane
68.5 Perryman
71.3 Bush River
72.2 Otter Point
74.6 Edgewood
76.5 Magnolia
77.8 Gunpowder
79.4 Harewood Park
80.4 Chase
82.9 Bengies
84.8 Middle River
86.4 Stemmer's Run
88.4 Chesaco Park
93.7 Biddle St
95.0 Baltimore
  by walterconklin

Thank you for once again comming to my aid. Do you have a list for the late 1950s?

Walter Conklin
  by timz
In the 10/55 timetable, Curtis Park has replaced Academy; all the other 1939 stations remain except

Iron Hill
Swan Creek
Short Lane
Bush River
Otter Point
Chesaco Park

In the 10/59 timetable, also eliminate

Holly Oak
Biddle St