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PRESS RELEASE: November 26, 2007

The following information may be reprinted, reposted or copied in its original form as necessary. Any alteration of content (other than the title) should first be approved by the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum. Questions and comments may be referred to Steven Torborg, Trustee at 516-297-6232 or via e-mail at storb35 at aol.com. Thank you!

Caboose to Join Collection at Oyster Bay Railroad Museum
In the continuing effort to bring the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum to fruition, another piece of the collection, Ex-LIRR Caboose #50, will soon be moved to Oyster Bay.

Following an extensive restoration effort by the Museum's volunteers, this 1956 steel caboose was moved to Mineola Memorial Park in the spring of 2006 for display in conjunction with the Village's centennial celebration. It has been on display since that time and is now ready to join the collection as a restored example of the Long Island Rail Road's rich history.

In preparation for the new arrival, about a dozen volunteers were on hand Saturday morning to install a display track. This was no easy task involving the positioning of more than a dozen wooden ties weighing about 150 pounds each, two thirty foot sections of steel rail weighing about 1000 pounds and driving in upwards of 50 railroad spikes. All this physical labor was performed free of charge by dedicated members of the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum simply to see another historic rail car join the museum’s collection.

The caboose move will begin being with loaded onto a flatbed truck in Mineola around 7am on Saturday, December 1st. Once loaded, it will travel with a police escort to Oyster Bay where it will be unloaded onto the new display track. Arrival time in Oyster Bay is estimated between 9 and 10am. This move will take place rain or shine. The Museum site is located on Bay Avenue at the end of Route 106 opposite the Sagamore Yacht Club.

The Oyster Bay Railroad Museum is a New York State Educational Not-For-Profit corporation engaged in the preservation and restoration of the Long Island Railroad's rich history as it pertains to the hamlet of Oyster Bay. If you would like more information on the museum and their efforts, please visit their web site at www.OBRM.org.

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Glad to hear

  by SOO4601
Great to hear that it'll be even further preserved.
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It’s time for the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum’s Third Annual Holiday Express weekend on December 8th & 9th from Noon – 5pm.

Come One, Come All to the Third Annual Holiday Express at the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum. Take a carriage ride from Gooseberry Grove on East Main Street to our winter wonderland of fun. See beautiful scale model train layouts. Families can enjoy hot cider and cookies during our new Story Time. There will be raffle prizes for kids and adults. The museum’s gift shop is stocked up for all your holiday shopping needs.

Free horse & carriage rides will be offered on Saturday and Sunday, December 8 and 9th, from noon-4:30 pm. Carriage rides showcase the quaint architecture and history of the downtown at this festive time of year. Families wishing to reserve a spot for horse & carriage rides may sign-up in person at Gooseberry Grove, 12 E. Main St., beginning Monday, November 26 at 11 AM. The horse & carriage will travel from Gooseberry Grove to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum and include time for families to disembark to view the delightful model trains inside the station.

The Oyster Bay Railroad Museum is located at the north end of Audrey Ave., near the walk-in entrance of Theodore Roosevelt Park and will be decorated and opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday December 8 & 9 from Noon – 5pm to coincide with the horse & carriage rides. All are invited to come and learn about the fascinating history of the railroad in Long Island and to step inside the home station of Theodore Roosevelt. A suggested donation of $5 to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum will purchase an entry in a raffle for a miniature train set and other merchandise.

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Is this adjacent to the LIRR Oyster Bay station?

  by lb101
It's more towards the yard if you walk from the station.
For the record: Barring any severe weather conditions,
Wednesday December 17th 2008 will be another historic day for the Oyster Bay RR Museum. Our Worlds Fair Alco Diesel will make the move from Mitchel Field, near the Cradle of Aviation Museum up to its new (and final!) home at our Oyster Bay Rail yard display site.
The move is scheduled to begin around 7:30am and it should arrive in Oyster Bay somewhere around 10am. It will be set upon its temporary display site and
our LIRR N52a class wooden caboose #12 will be moved adjacent to our LIRR class N22a steel caboose #50.
This will leave plenty of room to bring in our latest acquisition, the former Knox & Kane p-54d "PING PONG" car, sometime in the spring.
Sorry for the very short notice, but the move was finally confirmed this evening. If anyone shows up to take pictures, please email all to [email protected].
Our coordinator for the move is Gary Farkash and he can be reached @516-233-8852
  by diffusedmind
Sorry, i'm not familiar with any of this, but will the locomotive be moving on its own power or will it be towed?
  by jayrmli
Sorry, i'm not familiar with any of this, but will the locomotive be moving on its own power or will it be towed?
If it moves under it's own power, that would be quite a feat! :-D

(for those that don't know, the Alco display is just the cab section of an ex-NH FA locomotive that was on display at the Fair, and subsequently used at Camp Tanglewood.)

  by Otto Vondrak
diffusedmind wrote:Sorry, i'm not familiar with any of this, but will the locomotive be moving on its own power or will it be towed?
The only way it's going to move under its own power is if we all get behind it and give it one... big... SHOVE! :-)
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Any chance of putting the cab on the 3100? :wink:
That would be a great idea!!! Don't think the LIRR would give us the 3100 though.
Oh well.....Anyway......
Today, we moved the Worlds Fair diesel. This was the front cab portion of an ex-New Haven Alco Fa-1. It was brought up to our Oyster Bay RR yard and cabin car #12, our wood caboose, was moved to the front of the property as well. A great job by Fifth Industrial Development Corp for coordinating the job with American Crane.
Our site looks good AND will look even better in spring when we receive our "PING PONG" P-54d from the Knox & Kane.
Photos will be uploaded to our website @ www.obrm.org
  by trainspot
Glad to hear it went "without a hitch"! (No pun intended!) Can't wait to see the photos!
Here's my last time seeing it before moving off LI:

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Boy does that bring back memories. I can remember my brother and I looking out that cab window at the Fair while my Dad was taking pictures of us. http://www.oysterbayrailroadmuseum.org/ ... aycab.html Is the heritage of the observaton passenger car section known? And did it survive? I seem to remember seeing it with the cab when I worked near Mitchell Field.
  by trainspot
I heard it was badly rusted and had to be scrapped. Anyone?