Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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Even though we said we won't be working during the winter months, we decided to have a session this past Saturday anyway.
The reason being, is that we have acquired through the years, quite an inventory of spare steam locomotive parts. Now the occasion has arisen that we had to crate up 3 Westinghouse 9+1/2 air compressors for shipment to Colorado.
It's obvious that WE do not need them but someone else can use them for their restoration so the decision was made and the trade is happening.
BIG parts need BIG & substantially built shipping crates. It took us all day and into the darkness to get them all built and the compressors bolted down and ready to be shipped. They are heavy, so I figure it will cost a small fortune to ship.
We'll see next week when we get the bill!
  by Jeff Smith
  by Jeff Smith
  by newkirk
What was the location of these rails ?
  by ConstanceR46
There was an industrial spur/complex? near Broad Hallow Road and Republic Airport off the Main Line - which still had rails intact. There's photos on their facebook.
  by freightguy
Where was those rails pulled from? A shame because it adds to the flavor of industrial might that was once on Long Island a reminder with them sitting in place!
  by ConstanceR46
It'd be worse if they were melted down. As it stands they're being used for a much better cause than lying around sitting pretty.