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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.

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  by atsf sp
I just got back from my trip. I stayed in the Marriot in Dorval. I saw a lot of CN and CP intermodal trains, 3 VIA, and 1 AMT. I even caught one of the Spidermans. I drove by CAD and saw 4 GO units and the two ex-MEC U18Bs. I then went to Exporail which was really cool. I stayed then in the old part of Montreal near the Port of Montreal tracks to the old port but no trains went by. I rode the Metro a lot. I went to Lucien D'Allier station and saw 2 F59PHIs, 3 GP9rs, and two of the NJT engines. I drove by the yards down by the new port and saw 6 CP units. On the way out I stopped at the Q-G yard in St. Therese and saw 5 units. After Montreal I headed to Ottawa. I will post some pics later.
  by Montrealrail
for the "spiderman locomotive,it's the 6401

the other locomotives getting a "Spidermen" drwing are the 6401,the 6402,now in renaissance scheme"the 6406 and 6408,for those two last number,I don't know if they still in the Spiderman colors..probably not

for the other promo locomotive,it's the
6403 ( Radio Canada CBC 50 years)
6411 (Life-saver)
6414 (La Poule aux Oeufs d'Ors)(also,where the Home Hardware promo)
6429 Telus mobility

I don'T know if you pass by Victoria street,just back to CAD,there's a green RS3 parked there..and the St-Lawrence Raquette river 40 Tons engine

also at CAD,there's a RS18u still in service inside the company.and a SW1200
  by atsf sp
It was the 6401 that I saw. And no I did not go past Victoria Street, too bad. I will eventually get the pics up, just hectic times right now.
  by atsf sp
Heres the pics as promised. These are from 4/19/09. The first two are from my hotel room in Dorval, and the other is CAD. In the first pic you can see a railfan taking pics on the other side of the tracks. Was that any of you?
CP 9836.jpg
VIA 6401.jpg
GO 523.jpg
  by atsf sp
Heres one more at CAD and then the final two are at Lucien D'Allier. I had to get through the Canadian fans to see the tracks.
MEC 404 407.jpg
AMT 1313 1320.jpg
AMT 4140 1312.jpg
  by SLR 393
Wasn't me at Dorval - we were there on the 21st! Thanks for posting. I wish we had more time (and that it wasn't raining and windy) the day we were at Dorval. Next trip is July/August so it won't be long before I get back up there.
  by Montrealrail
That,was me :-D :-D ,did you see all the railfans group at Dorval Via station? I use to go there every week-ends..
  by atsf sp
I did not see all the railfans at the station. Cool to think we got pictures of the same train, one from ground level and one from 5 stories up.
  by Montrealrail
Iwouldlike to,but,that picture were missed,it come very blurry

I seen the 6401 too
going Ottawa with LRC early in the morning,and in the afternoon,came back with LRC and Budds cars,and I seen it back a bit later,on a Toronto train,with only Budds,cars,I can think you get the pic on the late afternnon,on saturday,or in beginning of the week on noon time..

also in Dorval we get some CSX trains regulary on CN 377 or CN 327

I use to follow Via's movement on my scanner,it's the way I get the 6402 new rebuilted F40PH3 passing by..I live 10 minutes in bike away from the tracks,I ear the hot box detector from my home.... :wink:

I hope you get a visit to Exporail in St-Constant,It,s a very nice train museum we cannot pass beside without visit..
  by atsf sp
I did go to Exporail. It was a really great museum. I especially liked the Royal Hudson and the Trainmaster. Although the back rolling stock hall where the A4 is was closed. Now I have a reason to come back.
  by Montrealrail
If you come back one of these days,let me know,I will show you some vrey great place to get nice view on trains.

Especially at St-Henri,where you can approach the tracks enough close to get great point of view over the trains

there a place we can stan,and we see signals on both side,get a folding chair and a soft drink and,just watch the signal,for sur,you know when a train comming
just to give a great idea of the place

almost the best place to get some picture,the sun is always in the back for all day long,in that way,almost no backlit most of the time..
  by atsf sp
I won't be headed back up in a while. Probably soonest will be like three years.