• Montreal Railfanning Questions

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.

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  by Montrealrail
for peopple want to know about railfanning Montreal...
Just have a look here,I prepared a railfanning report on CRO (Canadian Railway Observation)..
just scroll the page down to see it..
  by SLR 393
Anyone know of n scale AMT decals for lokis and cars? I want to do some F40s and GP-9r's in AMT!

Hoping to head back up in April and June. Thanks for the railfanning info, we will try to check out a few of the locations besides Dorval!
  by Montrealrail
There are no N scale decals for AMT,even no HO scale decal,on the past,I see that a company made the AMT decal in HO scale,but discontinued a short time after they released them..

But we get the option to do by our own,if someone have the equipement,we can do something..
  by SLR 393
I will try to get a friend of mine to print some but he has a hard time printing white.
  by oleanfuzz
How often is the Rouses Point sub used between St-Lambert and St-Jean, other than for Amtrak that is. I've been looking around the web to find what the best time to fan the area is but I can't find anything. I know there used to be a daily MMA run through in the afternoon, but I believe it isn't scheduled anymore.

Thanks for any input

2-8-2 Mike
  by signal189
I know CN run a 324 east and a 323 west between Montreal and Vermont weekdays. There is a local train 525 for Laprairie and St-Jean and if you want to see Amtrak, take a look on the schedule on the Amtrak website. There is no commuter train the Rouses Point sub.
MMA use CP Adirondack sub and meet CN Rouses Point at St-Jean.
  by Montrealrail
For a good tips,Amtrak and CN 323 always together,on late after afternoon,at Noyan Qc,we can see Amtrak and CN 323 one after the other..

at the morning,CN 324 are alway after the Amtrak
CN are using Swanton sub,and Amtrak using Lacolle,from Cantic
  by SLR 393
Heading up for a few days next week - planning on Dorval of course, has the road construction around the station affected train schedules?
  by signal189
Not yet. They did not start building the overpass. Still that could be started at any given time. For now, nothing affect trains traffic.
  by Montrealrail
the overpass works are still

I think they wait to finish on the other side before to continue on the overpass,letting a nice and sweet spot to see trains
as we can see there start at 2 minutes 10 in the video
  by SLR 393
Nice trip as always, we rode VIA to Ottawa and back. Saw a lot of track work on CN and CP around Lachine/Dorval. Saw the Monday night Habs game, bummed out that they lost but a game at Centre Bell is always good! Rush on wednesday made up for it! And our hotel room at the Marriott looked down on Bonaventure so we could see trains from there.

Back in June!
  by Plate C
Old thread I know, but wanted to say the info in here was helpful in a recent trip there. Dorval was a nice spot for CP, CN, and commuter shots. I was quickly rewarded with a little of everything in the first few minutes there. I saw a few other railfans here & there each time I went.
  by Plate C
Enjoyed my previous stay in Montreal and am going to come up again. Any helpful tips on other freight/railroad related places I should go tto? Dorval was good before and I already went to the museum.
  by SLR 393
St. Lambert station is a nice spot, VIA/AMT and CN trains. About 2 KM east is a grade crossing at the west end of Southwark Yard which isn't bad, and then the other end of Southwark has a pedestrian bridge right over the yard.
  by Plate C
Some last minute prep for my trip. Anyone have an idea of the "schedule" for freight traffic at Dorval?
I had driven around the yard next to Dorval for a minute, I'm guessing there's no good vantage points to see that yard?