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  • Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by RS115
Been awhile since we did this and I admit I've lost track of things. Below is the location of M&E's loco fleet/location to my knowledge:

18 - Morristown
19 - Morristown (for the first time in ages - where has she been last few months?)
20 - Morristown
21 - Morristown - out-of-service?
22 - Madison - 'active' in theory only
289 & ? - F40's - Morristown area

4231 - Bayway
4223 - Bayway
4216 - Tropicana?
4228 - Maine Eastern
488/489 - Maine Eastern passenger service
7215 - ?? was Morristown - haven't seen it recently
7216 - Hanover awaiting prime mover removal and scrapping.

Plus a leasser GP-15 on the Maine Eastern - why they continue to lease power I don't understand.

Plus OOS - ? RS-11's & M-420 at Lake Jct. and 4 FL-9's East Hanover


  by Lackawanna484
7215 was in Whippany last week.

I believe it has been running the weekend pax trains

Did I miss something? Where are the 16 & 17? Still around, renumbered, or what. Regards :wink:

  by mountie17
The 16 and 17 are on the New York & Western Pennsylvania :( . 7215 is either at Bayway or Trop as it was moved with the 4223 two weeks ago on Sunday 10/2. The 19 was picked up and moved to Hoboken for wheel work. Heres what i know so far:

The Originals
18 - Morristown
19 - Morristown(no cab signals, therefore can't operate on NJT)
20 - Morristown
21( The RS1) - Morristown - Brake problems (BTW, this is Whippany Railway Museum's)
21 - (C424) don't know, unfortunatly, but i don't think it's at Morristown.
22 - Madison - Dead, just west of the Sampson Ave overpass.
289 & 265- Morristown
4231 - Bayway
4223 - Bayway
4228 - Maine Eastern
4264 - ex Mass Central, sitting at the MMC with it's wheels messed up, but it will not be there for much longer.
7215 - either at Tropicana or Bayway
FL-9's - Parked on the Vornado spur just west of the Ridgedale Ave grade crossing.

  by MEC407
LLPX 1501 -- Rockland, ME

ME 3573 -- Rockland, ME

  by PVRX1
21 the C424 is 4231, it was renumbeered some time ago.

21 the RS1 is still 21 the RS1.

7216 was scrapped in 2004.

4216 was at Tropicanna

  by RS115
4264 is back in Morristown - saw it sitting on the Ridgedale Ave run-around this evening.

7216 - what's left of it (frame/cab/short hood/primemover(tarped)/shop trucks(I think) is at Jefferson road. In the old forums it was noted that the frame is just the most convenient place to store the good prime mover. Given the number of times the tarp has blown off and with winter coming a better plan would probably be useful if they really want it to work when they want it to.

  by njt4172
There is an Amtrak switcher engine in Morristown now.....Don't know if it is a SW1200 or not, but it would be interesting to find out if M&E bought it...


  by Jtgshu
There was an amtrak switcher sitting in Hudson yard for a few days, I think it was either the 557 or 577 or something like that. I wonder if its the same one.

  by james1787
I saw the same one in the Hudson yard as well, hadn't seen it before.
  by Sandy Burton
M&E took delivery of former AMTRAK SSB 1200 #557 yesterday. This afternoon it was coupled to #20 in front of the engine house in Morristown.


  by Alcoman
Why another EMD switcher? Why not an ALCO switcher?
  by Sandy Burton

My guess, and I emphasize a guess, is that it was available at a reasonable price and in good running condition. They like the 20 at Bayway and this will give them another EMD switcher down there once they clean up a few things. You will note that they have had a pretty good relationship with Amtrak recently, having purchased the six FL-9s and the two F40s.


  by Legio X
I may be wrong, but I think I may have seen 557 in use by Amtrak in their portion of Sunnyside Yard in Queens, N.Y.C. It looks familiar to me.