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  by CPF66
CN9634 wrote: Thu Apr 25, 2024 4:08 pm Well NBSR 121 never made it over the border last night so there's that reason. The only annulment recently have been by exception-- one day last week they didn't run because they *only* had 40 cars (intermodal didn't make it again). Curious that's starting to sound like an NBSR issue more than a CPKC one?
Now that you say that, I recall that 121 lost a unit which was swapped at McAdam.
  by CPF66
F74265A wrote: Fri Apr 26, 2024 7:10 am Sydney NS and near port hawksbury NS have sites that have been promoting container port development in recent years
Sydney isn't even relevant at this point. If there were to be a second port, it would be in the Port Hawkesbury area. The government ended the subsidies to keep the track in place east of Port Hawkesbury about a month ago, considering G&W/CN haven't shown any interest in it. AFAIK, the Sydney container port has been "in the works" for at least 3 decades now, and I want to say it was one of the Cape Brenton Development Corporation's big ideas, to replace the coal/steel industry in that area. I think CBNS for a while was transporting containers from Newfoundland for CN (which was done to replace the narrow gauge) but that died off by the end of the 90's. At this point the IM port up there is a lost cause, and pretty much the only traffic left is LPG/Fuel and a limited amount of building supplies.

https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-sco ... -1.7162606
  by CPF66
NHV 669 wrote: Sun Apr 28, 2024 11:19 am No 120 yesterday, or 121 this morning, so it was nice to see a change of pace on the next train.

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 11:52 with 8741/7022/NS 4297, 63 mixed freight (16 loaded autoracks), 2 empty wells, 57 wells/103 containers.

An old Grand Trunk rack, former Berlin Mills box BKTY 153461 (BMS 467), and a Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana gon rounded out the nice surprises on this train.



I think those gons (vs. the normal AIM owned ones) go to SJ, it seems like with more frequency following the fire at the scrap yard. Occasionally there are some AEX gons, of Sultran/CP heritage which are pretty cool as well.
  by CPF66
Gilbert B Norman wrote: Fri Apr 26, 2024 6:28 am Finally, where else on the Canadian East Coast might CN have in mind for a port that they can call their very own? Could it be St. John's where they would rebuild "The Newfie" to Standard Gauge and tunnel under the Strait :-D :-D
Its been mentioned a few times by myself, but CN already serves a number of suitable locations on the former New Brunswick East Coast network.

The former Boise-Cascade mill site in Miramichi, NB and I believe there is another location near Newcastle which I believe both have deep water access. The only issue with the Boise-Cascade site is there is a relatively "low" highway bridge.

Another possible contender is Dalhousie, NB. There is a vacant mill site which was once home to a papermill as well as I want to say a chemical plant which took shipments via ship. There is already an existing channel depth of 36-40 feet and the pier is in the 30-35 range. The other big plus is the port facility already has a rail connection, although the rail line, port, and channel would all need major work obviously. I want to say Gaspe which is up towards the mouth of the Saint Lawrence, which CN has a rail connection to via the Société de chemin de fer de la Gaspésie could also be taken into consideration. However there would need to be a port built, and the channel would require dredging since its only like 30 feet. At least with that part of Quebec/New Brunswick, generally speaking the governments push through any type of development without caving to the nimbys and environmental groups, following the collapse of the paper/lumber industry (I/E the Ciment McInnis plant in Port Daniel which had immense push back, but was approved anyway). The government is also replacing virtually all the bridges on the rail line, and getting the clearances up for stacks, despite not having any of that business.

Matane, Quebec is another spot that is already served by CN. However the channel/port would need to be dredged from the existing 32ft depth, and actually they would have to do extensive work to get enough space built up for a port/container yard. And I am sure there are other suitable locations in Quebec as well.

Which this is in addition to the speculated site around Port Hawkesbury/Mulgrave, NS which has been discussed in depth following CN's purchase of part of CBNS's stock.
  by CPF66
CN9634 wrote: Thu Apr 25, 2024 9:36 pm The Phase I SJ Port expansion work was completed in January of 2024 (this year) which is widely documented and factual. [/qoute]

That is true, I forgot that project didn't really start until 2022, not 2021 like I what I had recalled reading originally. However, the expansion has been substantially complete since before 1/2024. The groundwork/utilities have been done since the end of 2022/the start of 2023 if I recall correctly. The project itself was supposed to be complete by the end of 2023, however they experienced delays in getting the cranes.
CN9634 wrote: Thu Apr 25, 2024 9:36 pm On top of that they run a few more manifest trains (including autos).
What exactly are those train symbols? East of Moncton they do run a few more local/road jobs, but it was my understanding that those were combined into 305/306 at Moncton. Other than that they are still only running a mixed freight pair, an intermodal pair, plus the potash traffic to/from Montreal.
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 10:50 with 8741/7022, 45 mixed freight, 30 wells/48 containers, NS 4297 (DPU), 32 wells/64 containers, 42 mixed freight (6 empty autoracks).

[Edited at 16:32]

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 16:23 with 8706/KCSM 4505, 23 mixed freight (3 loaded autoracks), 98 wells/155 containers, 5 empty wells.
  by KuBand12
Gilbert B Norman wrote: Mon Apr 29, 2024 6:44 am Associated Press reports that the m/v Balsa94 sailed from BALTIMORE this past Thursday and is expected to call at Saint John today.

The vessel sailed through the newly opened 10m(35') channel and is reported to be drawing 4.3 m (15') which would suggest it (sorry, but I'm "nonbinary" when it comes to these vessels) is hardly fully laden.

The Balsa94 is scheduled to pickup potash for export to foreign ports. Saint John is Canpotex's main east coast export only facility, so it isn't surprising the Balsa94 is travelling light. The potash terminal is also managed for Canpotex by DP World .
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 08:09 with 8706, 22 mixed freight, 42 wells/86 containers, KCSM 4505 (DPU), 67 wells/128 containers, 1 empty well.

[Edited at 14:19]

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 14:08 with CN 3144/9584, 32 mixed freight (3 loaded autoracks), 47 wells/63 containers, 41 empty wells.
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  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 08:44 with 9584/2248, 35 mixed freight, 4 empty wells, CN 3144 (DPU), 24 wells/48 containers, 33 mixed freight (10 loaded autoracks).

[Edited at 13:32]

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 12:49 with CN 2914/KCSM 4755/2299, 38 mixed freight (2 loaded autoracks), 8 empty wells, 16 wells/30 containers.
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 07:47 with CN 2914/KCSM 4755, 20 mixed freight l, 46 wells/84 containers, 28 mixed freight (6 empty autoracks).

[Edited at 17:14]

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 16:22 with 8790, 89 wells/176 containers, KCSM 4741 (DPU), 10 wells/17 containers, one empty well, 48 mixed freight (13 loaded autoracks).
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 08:04 with 8790, 24 mixed freight, 34 wells/68 containers, KCSM 4741 (DPU), 31 wells/67 containers, 30 mixed freight (11 empty autoracks).

[Edited at 15:16]

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 13:19 with 7038, 47 mixed freight (12 loaded autoracks), 6 empty wells, 27 wells/50 containers, 9584 (DPU), 60 wells/74 containers, 34 empty wells.
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 07:37 with 9584/2240, 18 mixed freight, 48 wells/88 containers, 7038 (DPU), 54 wells/118 containers, 10 empty autoracks.

[Edited at 17:13]

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 16:20 with 8128/8551, 57 mixed freight (10 loaded autoracks), 17 wells/23 containers, 22 empty wells.
  by NHV 669
No 121/120 yesterday.

121 was into Greenville Jct. at 08:16 with 8551/2299, 26 mixed freight, 30 wells/64 containers, 8128 (DPU), 60 wells/127 containers.

[Edited at 17:02]

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 14:42 with 7038/KCS 4683/2240, 40 mixed freight (10 loaded autoracks), 31 wells/54 containers, KCS 4146 (DPU), 70 wells/100 containers, 31 empty wells.
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 08:49 with 7038/KCS 4683/2240, 20 mixed freight, 38 wells/81 containers, 51 mixed freight (4 empty autoracks).

[Edited at 20:11]

120 was into Greenville Jct. at 19:43 with 8551/8128/2299, 17 wells/31 containers, 39 mixed freight, 68 empty wells.
  by NHV 669
121 was into Greenville Jct. at 09:30 with 8128, 14 mixed freight, 40 wells/83 containers, 8551 (DPU), 59 wells/112 containers.
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